Here are some of the most commonly used commands in Lusternia.
Character Commands:
Commands to to advance or find out more about your character.

SCORE,SC          : Gives you the most basic information about
                    your character.
QSC               : Gives a brief overview of vital statistics of your character.
STATUS,STAT       : Shows you some information about your current status
DEFENCES,DEF      : This will list various defences that you may have.
DESCRIBE SELF     : Set your character's description. See HELP DESCRIPTION.
SKILLS,AB         : List what skills you have.  
AB                : View information about an ability within a skill.
LEARN             : Learn a skill from a mobile or player. 
                    LEARN <#> <skill> FROM <person>. See HELP LEARNING.
WIELDED           : See what you are wielding.
GODFEELINGS       : See how the Gods feel about you currently.
CREDIT REPORT     : See how many lessons and credits you have, and packages available.

Who Commands:
Commands for finding other players you might be interested in meeting.

WHO               : Lists everyone currently online and visible to you.
QW, BW            : As WHO, but with names only for quicker viewing.
WHO HERE          : Lists everyone in the same room as you.
INFO HERE/IH      : See the unique item numbers of the things in your location.
NWHO              : Shows other newbies.
RWHO              : Shows others of the same race.
RPWHO             : Shows others who are looking to roleplay right now.
SPARWHO           : Shows others who are looking to fight someone right now.
TRADEWHO          : Shows visible people who possess a given tradeskill. 
                    HELP TRADES for details.
HONOURS           : Shows publically available information about someone.
RANKINGS          : See a list of the top-ranked players.

Communication Commands:
Remember to obey HELP LANGUAGERULES when using these commands.

SAY or ' or "      : Say something to everyone in the same room. 
                     Can be customized - see HELP SAYS.
EMOTE              : Do something visible to everyone in the same room. 
                     Can also be customized - see HELP EMOTE.
YELL               : Yell something to everyone in the same area. 
YELLSON/YELLSOFF   : Enable or disable hearing yells.
SHOUT <text>       : Shout something to everyone online. 
                     Limited use, see HELP SHOUTS.
TELL               : Tell something to a specific person. 
                     Works at a distance and isn't seen by other players.
TELLS [FULL]       : Lists the last 20 tells you've received, in brief or in full.
MSG                : Send a message to someone's message file. 
                     See HELP MESSAGES for details.
NEWBIE             : Speak on the newbie channel. 
NEWBIEOFF/NEWBIEON : Disable and re-enable the newbie channel. 
NEWBIETELLS [FULL] : See a list of past newbie channel messages.
MARKET             : The market channel. For buying and selling things.
READNEWS           : Lets you view a news post. See HELP NEWS for details.
SNUB               : Ignore a person you don't want to hear from again. 
                     See HELP SNUB.

City Commands:

CWHO              : See who is online from your city and their rank and position.
CITYTELL,CT       : The city of commune channel. Works just like Newbie. 
CTELLS [FULL]     : Lists the past 20 city tells, in full or in brief.
CTOFF,CTON        : Turns the city channel off or on.
CITIZENS          : See every active member of your city/commune, even those not 
CITIZENS DORMANT  : See the dormant members of your city/commune, even those not 
CITY PRIVS        : See what privileges you have in your city.
QUIT              : Quits the city you belong to.

Guild Commands:

GWHO              : See who from your guild is online.
GUILDTELL,GT      : Communicate with your guild, if you have one.
GTELLS [FULL]     : Same as for city tells.
GTOFF,GTON        : Same as for the city channel.
GMEMBERS          : See the active members in your guild. 
GMEMBERS DORMANT  : See members in your guild who have not logged in recently.
GUILD PRIVS       : See what privileges you have in your guild.
QUIT              : Quits the guild that you belong to.

Family Commands:

FT                : The channel for your family, if you have one.
FWHO              : See who from your family is online.
FAMILY            : For any other family-related commands.

Shop Commands:

WARES             : Shows the items for sale in a shop.
BUY               : Lets you buy an item, if you have enough gold.
REFILL            : Used to buy liquids at shops. Costs gold, just like BUY.
RECHARGE          : Used to recharge enchantments at shops. Costs gold, just like BUY.

Exploration Commands:
Used to examine and interact with the things around you. When interacting with an item, you can always add HERE to the end of a command to interact only with items in the room (instead of ones in your inventory).

LOOK,L            : See a full description of the location you are in, and the 
QL                : Shows a shorter version of LOOK without all of the room 
                    description text.
INFO HERE/IH      : Shows the names and numbers of all visible items, objects and 
                    denizens in your room.
MAP               : View a text-based rendered map of the surrounding area.
PROBE,P           : Gives a detailed description of an item, including weight, 
                    aliases and (for containers) contents.
LOOK AT           : Used to look at an item worn or wielded by another player. 
                    LOOK AT <item> ON <player>
VERBOSE           : Get long descriptions of rooms (as L) upon entry.
BRIEF             : Get only short descriptions (as QL) of a room upon entry.
RATS              : Toggle whether you see rats.
PLANTS ON/OFF     : Toggle whether you see growing plants in room descriptions.
WEATHER ON/OFF    : Toggle whether you see general weather conditions in room 
DATE              : See the current date, both in game and out. HELP CALENDAR for 
TIME              : See the current time, both in game and out. HELP DATE for 
GREET             : Say hello to a denizen. Many denizens will say something back 
                    if you do this.

PUSH, PULL, TURN, TWIST, TOUCH, RING, KNOCK, SHAKE, LIGHT, DOUSE, and BREAK...The major item interactions. Used in many quests. Be sure to try each of them, as not all of them will do something for each item.

Inventory Commands:
Items can be specified by number (241949), by name (scroll) or by a combination of a name and an item prefix (4.scroll or last.scroll) for all inventory commands.

INVENTORY,I       : Lists every item in your inventory, including worn items and 
                    wielded items.
INFO INV,II       : Like INVENTORY, with detail about each item, including the 
                    item numbers. 
                    You can do II <item> to get a list of matching items.
GET,G             : Gets an item from the ground and adds it to your inventory. 
                    You also can specify multiple items and/or get things from 
                    GET 50 GOLD FROM PACK, for example.
DROP              : Drops an item in your inventory onto the ground. 
                    Can drop multiple items at once.
PUT               : Places an item in your inventory into a container. 
                    PUT GOLD IN PACK, for example.
GIVE              : Gives an item to another player or to a denizen. GIVE FINK TO 
                    GNOME, for example.
WEAR              : Wears a wearable item, such as clothing or armour. 
                    REMOVE to stop wearing it.
WIELD             : Wields an item as a weapon. WIELD  [LEFT|RIGHT] to specify 
                    which hand. 
                    UNWIELD to stop wearing it.
THROW             : Throws a wielded item in a specific direction. 
                    HELP THROWING for details.
SHEATHE           : Sheathes a wielded weapon in a scabbard or frogge. 
                    DRAW (or DRAW SALUTE) to take it back out again.
POINT AT          : You must have the item that you are going to point in your 
                    POINT <item> AT <something>
SHOWOFF           : Showoff an item in your inventory, displaying it for everyone 
                    in the room.
FLIPCOIN          : Flip a coin. Heads or tails, only the Fates know.
READ              : Reads what is written on an item. HELP READING and HELP 
                    WRITING for details.
EMPTY             : Empty a container of liquids. For example, EMPTY BUCKET.
POUR              : Transfer liquid from one container to another. POUR VIAL INTO 
DEPOSIT           : Deposit some money in a bank. (see HELP BANKING)
WITHDRAW          : Withdraw some money from your account.

Movement Commands:
Commands for navigating Lusternia.

POOLS             : Newbie Only! Teleports yourself to the Garden of the Moirae.
N, EAST, SE, IN   : Moves you to the next room in that direction. 
                    Valid directions include N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, UP, DOWN, 
                    IN and OUT as well as their long forms.
LANDMARKS         : See a list of known landmarks. 
                    PATH TRACK <landmark> to automatically walk to it!
ROOMNUMBER        : View the number of the room you are currently in.
PATH FIND         : Gives directions to a nearby landmark. 
                    You can also specify a room number instead.
PATH SHORTEST     : Like PATH FIND, but willing to move you through enemy 
PATH GO           : Walks you along a previously determined path from the prior 
                    two commands.
PATH STOP         : Stop automatically walking before reaching your destination.
GLANCE            : Look into a room before entering it, just as if using LOOK in 
                    the room.
OPEN              : To open a door, do OPEN DOOR <dir>. It must be unlocked, of 
CLOSE             : To close a door, do CLOSE DOOR <dir>. 
                    It is possible to lock a door open, so it must be unlocked for 
                    this command too.
LOCK              : In order to lock a door, you must have a key for that door. 
                    LOCK DOOR  will lock it.
UNLOCK            : To unlock a door, you also must have a key for it. 
                    UNLOCK DOOR  will unlock it.
FOLLOW            : Follows the target player, making you move where they move.
LOSE              : Loses someone who is following you.
GROUP             : Shows who you are following.
ENTOURAGE,ENT     : Shows who is following you.

Combat Commands:
Remember to always PROBE a creature before attacking it - it might be loyal to someone you don't want to make angry with you.

COMPOSE           : Purge fear from yourself.
CONCENTRATE       : Regain equilibrium if you have lost it and can't get it back.
WRITHE            : Escape from hindering entanglements.
PUNCH             : Punch something. A weak attack.
KICK              : Kick something. Also a weak attack.
KILL              : Will attack a creature using the strongest attack you have 
                    available, often one learned in your guild skills.
DRINK             : Drink a liquid, such as a healing elixir.
EAT               : Eat a piece of food or a healing herb.
APPLY             : Used to apply salves to your body. For instance, APPLY ICE TO 
                    ARMS. See HELP HEALINGYOURSELF for details.
MEDITATE/MED      : Regain mana and ego.
SLEEP             : Regain health.
SET WARCRY        : Set your warcry
SET MOTTO         : Set your motto. HELP MOTTO for details.
WARCRY/MOTTO      : Scream out your warcry or exclaim your motto.
SCRUB             : When you are smelly, scrubbing yourself in water can remove 
                    the stench.
STAND             : Stand up if you have fallen down.
ENEMY             : Declare someone your enemy.
UNENEMY           : Remove someone from your enemies list.
ALLY              : Declare someone your ally.
UNALLY            : Remove someone from your allies list.
ORDER             : Used to order a loyal denizen to move or attack
NAME              : Renames a loyal denizen. Costs 1000 gold.

Out of Character Commands:
You may also want to see HELP ALIAS for the in game alias and targets system.

!                 : Repeats your last command.
REGISTER          : Register your personal details with the system.
PASSWORD          : Change your password.
CONFIG            : Open up the configuration options menu, to change your 
TIMEOUT           : Set the number of minutes of idle time before the game kicks 
                    you off.
CREDITS           : See credits-related commands, including for converting credits 
                    to lessons (HELP LESSONGAIN).
NAMECHANGE        : Allows you to change your name, provided you have played under 
                    30 hours, and have not changed it before.
RETIRE            : Permanently delete your character (HELP RETIRE for details).