Syntax: RPWHO [ON|OFF] RPWHO will list those players in the game interested in roleplaying. 

To roleplay means to play a role. In the context of Lusternia, roleplaying means that you play as if you are truly living and breathing as your character. As Lusternia is a roleplaying game, some level of roleplaying is required. (And there are some punishments for those who act in an OOC manner - see HELP ROLEPOINTS).

When in Lusternia, roleplaying is required anytime one is using any sort of public forum. These include but are not limited to shouts, the news groups and guildtell. 

SPECIAL FOR SQUADS: While the admin will not actively oversee squads, please keep in mind that squads are meant as RP hunting parties or posses, and inviting others into a squad is inviting them into an RP event. Therefore, it is highly recommended that squads are kept IC or at the very least an OOC squad is agreed to by all members of the squad. 

Perhaps the best way to roleplay your character is to first create an overall outline, background, and mental idea for your character, and then follow that with your actions in Lusternia. You might even want to write out a summary of your character's psychological makeup in order to make this process easier. 

For example, imagine a character named Crystria, who is a young female viscanti Nihilist. Crystria was raised on the streets of Magnagora, her father a drunkard and her mother one of the famed ur'Guard. Her primary motivation now is to learn all that she can attempting to rise through the ranks of her guild. Her long term goals include repaying her father for his ill-treatment of her behind her mother's back while achieving some rank within the city so she can help direct its goals. Although she has considered the Gods she could worship, she is in conflict and thus continues to focus on her race as her primary social group. She often shys away from men because of her harsh treatment by her father and she has a deeply-rooted hate for all elfen. This began when she first was a child, playing in the meadows outside the city when she could escape its confines. She found a playmate in a young elfen but when his mother found out, she slapped poor Crystria away and called her despicable names, the mother yelling that she wished that the viscanti could be cleansed from the face of the earth. She prefers solitude over any form of interaction and being a dedicated member of the city, she tends to fight singular battles alone against those who wage war on her home rather than join the large groups that go raiding. 

With just this brief biography of Crystria, we have an interesting character with well-defined motivations and some indication of her psychological status. You would not find Crystria out slaughtering her fellow viscanti, nor would you find her joining bashing parties or large raids. She would be extremely interested in practicing her skills in order to master them, and would perhaps more often be found in a special room she attaches significance to. Crystria also might keep a careful eye over the territories pledging allegiance to Magnagora, dispatching single enemies when needed and letting the rest of the city take on groups. While Crystria could not change whether an elfen joined her guild, she would definitely never speak to them. If needed she might communicate with abrupt motions of the hand or simple words to keep from attacking the elfen on sight. 

Staying IN CHARACTER, and Other Restrictions 
Always stay in character (IC) on channels - you are playing the role of a person in a magical world called Lusternia. Talk about real life, other muds, or your favorite singer - this should all be done outside the game or, if you must, use TELLS.

Be most careful with shouts - stay in character, watch language rules. Market channel is only for buying and selling: no chatting please. Newbie channel is for questions and answers about how to play the game: no chatting please. Most other channels have their own rules, but are generally more tolerant of chatting and general conversation.

All channels are subject to HELP LANGUAGERULES, except clan channels.

Please also read HELP METAGAMING to learn about our strong recommendations around using OOC knowledge in game.