There are several ways to get information about your character, the first of which is to type SCORE or SC. This will give you information about your character, arranged as follows:

| Chade d'Illici ---------------------------------------------------------|
| Gender : Male                      Birthday  : 10th Estar 361           |
| Race   : Igasho                    Age       : 30                       |
| Mentor : Nobody                    Mentorship: Able to mentor           |
|------------------------------------------------------------------ VITALS|
| Health : 3888/3888     Endurance : 10070/18340     Power    : 10p       |
| Mana   : 2439/2439     Willpower : 11095/11095     Reserves : 71%       |
| Ego    : 3060/3060     Mindset   : Cautious        Esteem   : 500       |
|------------------------------------------------------------------- KARMA|
| Karma  : 8%                                                             |
| The karmic blessing of war       : 16 hours 29 minutes                  |
|---------------------------------------------------------------- RANKINGS|
| Experience : #5    Stellar                 Level : 69 (61.99%)          |
| Explorer   : #296  a Vagrant               [===============-----------] |
|----------------------------------------------------------- ORGANIZATIONS|
| Collegium  : the College of Necromantic & Tainted Research (Professor)  |
| Guild      : Commandant of the Tower, a Thorn of the Amaranth in the    |
|              Ur'Guard                                                   |
| City       : Viscount, Minister of Cultural Affairs in the Province of  |
|              Magnagora                                                  |
| Order      : Pursuer of Banished Wisdom of Raezon, the Forbidden        |
|------------------------------------------------------- CLANS AND CARTELS|
| Dreadhelm Forging Cartel*           Boomfellows                         |

As you can see, the information is presented in a set of boxes. The first box gives the basics about your identity: your name, gender, race, age, and birthday (see HELP CALENDAR), as well as who your mentor is, and whether you are allowed to mentor others (see HELP MENTOR).

Next is the Vitals box. On the left is your health, mana, and ego, and in the second column, your endurance and willpower are displayed. These are colour-coded in the same way as the prompt: black for a 0 value, red for less than 25% of maximum, yellow for less than 75% of maximum, and green above 75%.

A few words of explanation about what these statistics represent is in order. Health is a measure of your current physical state. If you fall to 0 health you will, in most cases, die. During the course of a battle with another player or a monster, your health will go up and down quite quickly as you take damage and heal it. Mana represents your current mental state. Most magic will use mana, and if you have no mana left, you will not be able to cast any spells. Ego represents the current strength of your personality. Its most common use is in influence battles (see INFLUENCE).

Healing your health may be done in a number of ways, the most basic of which is simply to type SLEEP and wait. Mana and ego may be restored by typing MEDITATE and waiting. Other methods are detailed in HELP HEALINGYOURSELF. Endurance and willpower are much like health and mana, except that they will go up and down much more slowly. These represent how tired your body and mind are. Running out of endurance does not mean death, however. It just means that you will have to rest for awhile before doing anything physical. You will regain endurance automatically by sitting still, and more quickly by sleeping. Willpower works the same way, except that when you run out of willpower, it is mental (generally magical) tasks that you will not be able to perform.

Below your willpower is your current debating Mindset. See AB INFLUENCE DEBATING to learn more about what this represents and how to use it. In the third column you will find your current power (from 0p to 10p) and your reserves (see HELP POWER).  Finally, you will see your Esteem. You earn esteem with successful influencing, and you may imbue it into objects to offer at shrines of the Gods (see HELP ESTEEM).

The Karma box shows your current karma (0% to 100%). Karma is earned through completing quests, turning in rats and weevils, offering at shrines, and other activities, and can be used for karma blessings and curses ( see HELP KARMA to learn how it works).  If you have any karmic blessings, they will be listed one to a line below.

The Rankings box will show where you fit into the various rankings of Lusternia. First, the Experience ranking shows how you are ranked in terms of experience and level, along with the name of your level (see HELP LEVELLIST). On the right, the actual level along with how far along you are to the next, and below this, a visual "progress bar" showing how far you are (demigods and ascendants will instead see their essence count here).

If you are a new player, you will have no rank until you REGISTER. Rank is based solely on your experience level. Do not be disheartened if your rank seems low: there is definitely no correspondence between experience rank and success in Lusternia!

Below that you will find your explorer ranking, along with the name of your explorer rank. The explorer rank indicates how far and wide you've traveled in Lusternia. See HELP EXPLORER for more details.

On the following line, if present, you will find your combat ranking, along with any record of the number of times you have triumphed in the rankings.

The Organizations box is the most complex, and a lot of information is present there concerning your affiliations and loyalties.  Only those lines which are relevant will be displayed.  The lines are as follows:

   - Collegium: If you are a member, graduate, or teacher of a collegium 
     (see HELP COLLEGIUM), it will be listed here.

   - Guild: Your positions and rankings in a guild will be listed.  See HELP
     GUILDRANK to learn of all the guildranks below yours; there are 19
     guildranks in all, while the three elected positions are considered
     guildrank 20.

   - City or Commune: Your ranking in a city or commune, along with any
     ministry or other position you hold, will be listed.  See HELP CITYRANK

   - Aide To: If you are an aide to any ministries in your city or commune,
     they will be listed.

   - Order: If you belong to the Divine Order of one of the gods, you will see
     the name of your position, and which God you follow.  See HELP ORDERS.

   - Ascendant: Those who have Ascended (see HELP ASCENDANT) will have their
     Ascendant allegiance listed.

The final box lists Clans And Cartels to which you belong. This will include both city/commune trade cartels, and clans (whether cartels or not). If you are the clan leader (or in the case of a city/commune trade cartel the trademaster) the clan name will be followed by an asterisk (*).

Note that you can configure the colours used for this display in CONFIG COLOUR, including the titles, borders, text, and values.

You can also get an abbreviated "just the basics" version of this display using the QSCORE or QSC command, which will use the same colours.

| Chade d'Illici ----------------------------------------------------- #5 |
| Level  : 69 (61.99%) Power: 10p ( 71%)  Karma: 8%          Esteem: 34%  |
| Health : 3888/3888   Mana : 2439/2439   Ego  : 3060/3060   Cautious     |

Finally, for backward compatability, you can also use the OLDSCORE or OLDSC command to see the old format of Score, which looks like this:

Chade d'Illici
  Gender : Male          Race      : Igasho
  Level  : 69 (62%)      Rank      : Stellar
  Health : 3888/3888     Endurance : 10070/18340
  Mana   : 2439/2439     Willpower : 11095/11095
  Ego    : 3060/3060     Reserves  : 71%
  Karma  : 8%
You are ranked 5th in Lusternia.
You stand tall as a proud citizen of the Province of Magnagora.
You have reached the rank of 'Viscount' in your city.
You are the Minister of Cultural Affairs.
You are Commandant of the Tower in the Ur'Guard.
The position of a Thorn of the Amaranth in the Ur'Guard is held by you.
You are a member of the Dreadhelm Forging Cartel.
You are a Vagrant in the Fellowship of Explorers
You are a member of the clan called 'Boomfellows.'
You are 30 years old.
You were born on the 10th of Estar, 361 years after the Coming of Estarra.