OEDIT, REDIT - Change the properties of an item, mobile, or room

These are the methods by which the properties of something are changed. The basic idea is that if you see a property, usually by viewing it with either OSTAT or RSTAT, then you can set that however you like (if you have permission to). There are however some properties that will not be shown until they are set.

The syntax of the commands is:
     OEDIT <item or mob> SET <property> <value>
     OEDIT <item or mob> EDIT <property>
     REDIT [room] SET <property> <value>
     REDIT [room] EDIT <property>
     REDIT <direction> ADD EXIT TO <room> [one-way]
     REDIT <direction> REMOVE EXIT
     REDIT <direction> ADD/REMOVE DOOR

The first two are used to edit items and mobiles. <property> is the name of the property to set and <value> is what to set it to. You can also use EDIT which will bring up the Lusternia Composer (useful for long descriptions). REDIT doesn't need the name of the room to edit, but will take it if you provide one (defaulting to the room you are currently standing in).