Syntax: HONOURS FULL <player>
        HONOURS <player>

By typing HONOURS <player> you may see some publically available
information about that player. An example honours file is:

Warlord Chade d'Illici, the Guide (Male Viscanti).
He is 240 years old, having been born on the 3rd of Estar, 71 years after the Coming of Estarra.
He is ranked 3rd in Lusternia.
He is the 1st ranked combatant with a rating of 100.
He is an extremely credible character.
He is the Magistrate of the Mighty Province of Magnagora.
He is an Imp Summoner in the Nihilists.
He is an Itinerant Traveler in the Fellowship of Explorers
He is a member of the clan called 'Boomfellows.'
He is considered to be approximately 30% of your might.
He is not currently active in any family.
He has scribed the tales of old Celest into the Tome of Remembrance.
He has earned the title of Hero to the Finks.
He solved the mysterious murder at Stewart Mansion.