19.20 Envoy System

Gamewide Envoy Reporting System

General Guidelines:
    * Do not use the reporting system to request new patterns on existing skills. 

There is a reporting system available to all players who have spent enough time within Lusternia to be a mentor and who have a minimum vote weight of 5. The reporting system is the chance for players to push forward changes within Lusternia for the betterment of the game. The entire system will be anonymous to give preferential weight to the actual subject matter. Please see below for the process of the Envoy system.

The various commands used by the system are listed below for easy reference. To read more about the system itself, please continue reading afterward.

     REPORT <#>  (to read a specific report)
     REPORT NOTIFY [ON|OFF] (get notification of new reports)
     REPORT LIST (List of current active consideration and pending reports)
     REPORT LIST FROM <month> <year> (sort report list by date)
     REPORT LIST SKILLSET <skillset> (sort report list by skillset)
     REPORT LIST MINE <sort parameter> (view and sort your reports)
     REPORT <#> COMMENT [ID] <comment> (Comment on a report, use to ID to reply to a specific comment)
     REPORT <#> VOTE <solution> <option> (Vote for a solution)
     REPORT <#> SUBSCRIBE  (subscribe to a report to get updates about it)
     REPORT <#> UNSUBSCRIBE  (unsubscribe to a report)

The below is for writing reports and submitting them to the next stage. 
     REPORT <#> TITLE <title>
     REPORT <#> SKILLSET <skillset>
     REPORT <#> PROBLEM <problem>
     REPORT <#> [SOL|ULTION] [1-3] <solution>
     REPORT <#> CLEAR   (moves a report from the consider stage to draft stage)
     REPORT <#> DELETE  (Delete a draft report)
     REPORT <#> ADD <comment #>  (*Report writer only, can add a comment as a solution during the pending stage)

Stages of game-wide envoy reporting system.

     DRAFT                  - The initial writing of the report.
     CONSIDER               - Initial player feedback.
     PENDING                - The final submission where players can comment and vote support/support with changes/reject.
     ADMINREVIEW            - Administration time period to issue a decision on the report.
     ACCEPTED/REJECTED/HOLD - Decision put forth by the administration.
     IMPLEMENTED            - Reports that have been accepted and implemented.

Each player may create up to six draft reports. This is per your registration, so if you have numerous characters, you are still only allowed six draft reports. Each draft report can be filled out with the following:

      Title:      Brief title to let players know what's being addressed.
   Skillset:      The skillset it pertains to.
    Problem:      An extensive description of the issue you are addressing. This should include the current situation and why it is a problem.
   Solutions 1-3: Up to 3 proposed solutions. These should also state how they solve the problem.

Once your draft is filled out, you can then submit it for consideration with REPORT <#> CONSIDER [CONFIRM]. Once you put the report up for consideration, you will no longer be able to edit the title or skillset, but you will be able to edit the Problem and Solutions. You can put up to three reports up for consideration. During the Consider stage, players will be able to comment on the report. These comments will be used to help come up with better solutions or clarify the issues more. The report writer may select a comment to become a solution at this stage as well. This stage will last a number of days determined by the administration. Once those days pass, it will advance to the Pending stage.

The Pending stage will no longer allow edits to the report. Players can vote and comment on the report at this point, but the comments will be hidden. The three voting options are 'Support', 'Support with Changes' and 'Reject'. The report will sit in this stage for 15 days. At the end of this period, it will then move on to Admin Review. You must vote to comment. Votes are used by the admin to gauge the general support for a report.

The Admin Review stage is where the administration will look over the report, consult the comments and the votes and issue a decision on whether or not the report will get accepted, rejected or put on hold. Accepted means it will be implemented right away. Rejected means it will not be added. Hold means that we like the idea, but do not wish to devote time to implement at this time. This should not be viewed as something that will get done, it's possible that even if we put it on Hold, it will never be implemented.

The caveat here is that they are the final decision and even if the majority of players vote for Approval, they may choose not to implement it. There are numerous factors that go into deciding whether to implement a report besides just player approval. 

Once a report enters the Admin Review stage, no matter what the decision is, it will be archived and saved for future reference.

COMMENTS - a few notes on comments. 

 o Comments will be limited to one per report per weave per player. Please be clear and concise.
 o You must vote for at least one solution in any form in order to comment 
   during the Pending Stage

VOTES - a few notes on voting.

 o You may change your vote as many times as you like, but only your last vote counts.

Lastly, if we find you are abusing this system with unacceptable behavior, including but not limited to insulting other players or using inappropriate language, we can and will ban you from using the system, either for a time or indefinitely depending on the infraction and history of infractions. This system is intended to give everyone a voice, but please use it responsibly.