Every player in Lusternia can receive messages, much like e-mails.

Here is a quick summary of messaging commands:

CMSG                               - WARNING - Will clear ALL your messages
MSG <player> <message>             - Send a message to another player.
SHOWMSG #, READMSG #, RM #         - Read a specific message.
RM                                 - Read the next message available to you.
RM <-x>                            - Read a specific message <x> before the last
RMA                                - Read the last message you read, again.
RMU                                - Read your first unread message.
RPM <message>                      - Reply to the sender of the last message
                                     you read.
MSGS, MESSAGES, READMESSAGES       - List your 20 most recent messages.
MSGS #                             - List 20 messages from a certain starting
MSGS CONVERSATION <player>         - See your conversation with another player
                                     (limited to 20 most recent messages).
MSGS FROM <player>                 - See all messages you have received from a
MSGS SENT <player>                 - See all messages you have sent to another
MSGS SEARCH <string>               - Search all your messages for a specific
MSGS DELETE FROM <sender>          - Delete all of your messages from a specific
                                     sender (system, lost soul, or a player).
MSGS DELETE <start> TO <end>       - Delete a range of messages, inclusive of 
                                     the start and end point.
MSGS DELETE MATCHING <substring>   - Delete all messages containing the 
MSGS FORWARD <num> TO <person>     - Forward a specific message to another player.

MSGS RENUMBER                      - Reindex all of your messages.

   - This allows you to set an answering message that people will see whenever
     they send you a message. Very useful for when you're going to be gone for
     a few days and wish to let people who message you not to expect an
     immediate reply.

If you received a message while you were not online, you will be informed when you log on.