Denizens are also referred to as mobiles, NPCs (non-player-characters), or CCCs (computer-controlled-characters). They are the 'monsters' and citizens of Lusternia that aren't generally being played by a person. They are not Adventurers.

A denizen can be a worm, a dragon, a human being, or a talking sword. A denizen may talk to you, ignore you, or attack you. It may even suggest that you do things for it, and may pay you if you do (this is a QUEST).

WARNING: Killing sentient denizens may brand you an enemy of an organisation (such as a village). This may prevent you from performing quests, buying commodities or interacting normally with other denizens of that organisation. It can be EXTREMELY costly to have an enemy status removed. There is also no guarantee you will be able to remove all statuses - city and communes have no requirement to do so. You have been warned.

Generally, the way you will get a denizen to talk to you is to GREET it.

Some denizens in Lusternia will become loyal to you in certain circumstances. If a denizen is loyal to you, you may give it a variety of commands. These are:

Pacify an upset denizen.

ORDER <denizen> KILL <player>
Order a denizen to attempt to slay someone.

ORDER <denizen> FOLLOW <player>
Order a denizen to follow someone.

ORDER <denizen> CALM
If your denizen is panicking, this will calm it.

ORDER <denizen> DROP <whatever>
Order a denizen to drop something it is holding.

ORDER <denizen> GIVE [ALL|amount] <item> TO <player>
Order a denizen to give something to someone.