Every Lusternian day, you will find yourself getting progressively more tired. Eventually, you will need to sleep. Typing SLEEP will accomplish this. While asleep, you will slowly regain any lost health, as well as become more and more rested. You may try to wake yourself at any time by typing WAKE, or you may simply wait until you are fully rested and fully healed, at which time you will wake up automatically. You will find that when you type WAKE, you will begin to struggle your way out of sleep, and eventually you will wake up. Typing WAKE repeatedly will only delay this process, so just do it once, and wait.

You may see how tired you are by typing STATUS. When it says, "You are fully rested." you will know that sleep is not something you need in the near future.

There are a number of ways which you may be put to sleep involuntarily, such as the sleep spell, or the morphite poison. Luckily, some clever herbalists have discovered that eating a kafe bean will enable you to wake at will while asleep, and some herbs give you insomnia. With insomnia, you will find yourself unable to go to sleep, although generally the things that put you to sleep will remove your insomnia, if you have it.