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Estarra, the Eternal, is the Supreme Creatrix of the multiverse, the product of the merging of Dynara, Magnora, and the Nameless Son of Yudhe. The totality of creation is the result of Her creative will. Yet She remains ever aloof and distant from the concerns and tribulations of mortals and gods alike, and Her will is ever unknowable. Those Gods listed on the right are less often seen by mortal eyes at the current time. 

  Carakhan,    Sculptor of Waves      |  Auseklis,   Old Man of the Woods
  Czixi,       the Welkin             |  Charune,    the Horned One
  Darvellan,   the Navigator          |  Crumkane,   Lord of Epicurean Delights
  Drocilla,    the Enchantress        |  Fain,       of the Red Masque
  Ein,         the Restless           |  Hoaracle,   the Oak Whacher
  Isune,       the Aesthete           |  Ianir,      the Anomaly
  Maylea,      Bloom of Serenity      |  Ieptix,     the Anomaly
  Morgfyre,    the Legion             |  Iosai,      the Anomaly
  Nocht,       the Silent             |  Kalikai,    the Crimson Eye
  Orael,       the Anomaly            |  Jadice,     the Frost Queen
  Raezon,      the Forbidden          |  Lisaera,    the Silver Goddess
  Thax,        the Machine            |  Manteekan,  the Nightmare
  Viravain,    Lady of the Thorns     |  Mysrai,     the Scarlet Goddess
                                      |  Roark       Libertas
                                      |  Shikari,    the Predator
                                      |  Sior,       the Anomaly
                                      |  Terentia,   the Even Bladed
                                      |  Valtreth,   Majesty of the Dawn
                                      |  Weiwae,     the Golden Heart
                                      |  Yomoigu,    the Pyresmith
                                      |  Zvoltz,     the Architect

  Ashtariel,   the Thousand-Hued
  Ayridion,    the White Flame
  Elcyrion,    the Erudite
  Elostian,    the Enigma
  Eventru,     Crown of the Exalted
  Hajamin,     the Golden Lord
  Lacostian,   the Mysterial Lord
  Lyreth,      the Sidereal Prince


SOULLESS GODS: Even Estarra, with all Her power and presence, cannot defeat the ancient Soulless Gods without destroying all worlds, so they represent a constant, underlying threat to the fabric of creation. However, so long as they remain bound by the Nine Seals, the threat of the Soulless is abated. 

ELDER GODS: Having come into being at the time before time, the Elder Gods represent powerful forces in their own right. However, they could not stand against the Soulless Gods and were either consumed, fragmented their beings into the mortal races, or fled the known realms. This was known as the Elder Wars. With the Coming of Estarra, the Elder Gods are slowly returning. 

VERNAL GODS: Where the Elder Gods were defeated against the Soulless, the mortals were born from the fragmentation of a few Elder Gods. The mortal races carried on this war and created great nexuses of power from which they were able to raise their own to great power. These were the Vernal Gods. Eventually, the Vernal Gods were able to trap the Soulless behind Nine Seals, though they had to sacrifice themselves to do so. The path to Vernal Godhood is now closed, sealed by Ayridion, of the White Flame, who sacrificed His divinity to tear a gulf between the Divine Realms of the Domoth and Immanidivinus, and in so doing saved the Basin from the evil which afflicted it. 

ASCENDED GODS: Once every generation, the Nine Seals which imprison Almighty Kethuru, greatest of the Soulless Gods, must be renewed by the essence and power of a mortal - for it was mortals who first imprisoned the Great Old One. The power of this renewal was once such that he who wielded it could rise as an Ascended God. The first and last mortal to ascend in this manner was Soll Peulus, who became the God Ayridion. However, by Ayridion's actions this way was forever barred. Those who follow his path rise now as True Ascendants. 

VERNAL ASCENDANTS: Though the path to Vernal Divinity cannot be trod, mortals may still rise as Vernal Ascendants. Utilising vast reserves of power, Cities and Communes may channel their Nexi upon chosen mortals, raising them to the quasi god-hood of Ascension.