Whether in the form of disease-ridden vermin that infest cities and plague forest communes, vermin are the bane of all cultures. For many, vermin are a blight that must be endured, but others see walking gold sovereigns--indeed, many a resourceful youth has taken advantage of the largesse of cities and communes who pay handsomely for the eradication of these pests.

Vermin buyers
Serenwilde   Abeytu     Weevils (located in the Arboretum)
Glomdoring   Swampghast Weevils (located in a rock in the swamp)
New Celest   Neran      Rats    (located in the Sanitation Department)
Magnagora    Rheimos    Rats    (located in the city zoo)
Gaudiguch    Mesetha    Lizards (located in a stall crowded with cages)
Hallifax     Lafu       Pigeons (located in the Corrections Institute)

  Sells all your vermin to the person in order to get your reward.
  You must be in the same room as the buyer.

Because there are so many vermin wandering about and because seeing them enter and exit can become annoying, the command VERMIN will toggle on and off your ability to notice them. Generally, you will want to turn this off while you are not out hunting.

When you see a vermin dart out of its hiding spot, by all means, slay it before it can run away. Once a certain number have been slain in a location, no more will appear there until a new Lusternian day. Generally, you'll find that a sewer location contains more rats than a normal city street.

As noted above, rats only appear in cities and sewers, and weevils only appear in forest communes. Weevils will sometimes appear in tree elevations and pigeons can sometimes appear flying. Beyond that, only a few vermin may be killed in any particular place before they get wise and won't return until the next Lusternian day.

There are varying types of vermin. Ranging from most common to least common (which also corresponds to least valuable to most valuable), they are:

VERMIN TYPE                          VERMIN PAYMENT RATES
-----------                          ---------------------
baby                                    7 gold sovereigns
small                                  14 gold sovereigns
medium                                 21 gold sovereigns
large                                  28 gold sovereigns
extra-large                            35 gold sovereigns