The CONFIG command has many options, most visible by simply entering CONFIG.

Here are some available CONFIG commands and what they do:

   adwatch        When enabled, adwatch will alert you when an ad is created or 
   affmessages    Affmessages allows you to see additional messages that alert 
                  you to afflictions received. Useful for keeping track of 
   ansi           (for details see CONFIG ANSI)
   auditwarning   Receive notification when you login about items that are 
                  going to decay soon, between 1 and 25 months.
   channels       (for details see CONFIG CHANNELS)
   changelog      Toggle whether or not you will see changelog entries
   colour         (for details see CONFIG COLOUR)
   designmessages Toggle whether you will get messages when your designs are 
                  approved or rejected.
   email          (for details see CONFIG EMAIL)
   exactnames     Toggle whether TELLs (and nametells, if you have those
                  turned on) require a full name, or can work with an 
                  abbreviated name when available.
   fullname       Toggle whether to show your fullname if you are in a family.
   loyalsays      Toggle whether you hear loyal denizens' cries for help.
   mapview        Toggle wheter you to see the map whenever you move.
   masochism      Toggle whether or not aggressive actions against yourself are 
                  allowed to go ahead.
   mentorlogin    Togggle whether you to see the logins and logouts of your 
                  mentor and your proteges.
   mxp            Toggle additional information to be sent to advanced MUD 
   nametells      Toggle being able to send tells to a player by simply typing 
                  their name
   newsalert      Toggle alerts to inform you when posts are made to boards
   newsignore     (for details see CONFIG NEWSIGNORE)
   numbers        Set either "comma" or "space" to divide up numbers larger than 
                  1,000 (or 1 000)
   ohaffmessages  See brief, verbose or both affmsgs for overhaul afflictions
   pagelength     for details see CONFIG PAGELENGTH)
   powerstones    Toggle whether you ONLY draw power from powerstones when 
                  possible or not.
   preferredwidth (for details see CONFIG PREFERREDWIDTH)
   prompt         (for details see CONFIG PROMPT)
   returnmessage  (for details see CONFIG RETURNMESSAGE)
   roomdesc       Set whether you see verbose or brief room descriptions.
   screenreader   Toggle whether you use a screenreader or not.
   thirdeye       Toggle whether you see player titles when using WHO with 
   timezone       Set your current timezone.
   vengeance      Toggle all game-wide messages related to vengeance games.
   voting         Toggle reminders to vote for Lusternia on TopMudSites.com
   weather        Toggle whether you notice the weather.
   wrapwidth      (for details see CONFIG WRAPWIDTH)
   xterm          Toggle whether you can display 256 xterm colours or not.
Aethership Options:
   aethermap      Determines whether the overhead map should be shown each time 
                  you move on the aetherways (config ON) or only when you 
                  explicitly type SHIP LOOK (config OFF).
   mapspots       Allows you to see the general direction of map spots 
                 (locations of special interest) when you are sailing. This 
                  feature is useful for locating nearby ports and other 
                  features, but can also be spammy (particularly if you are
                  not the ship's captain).
   shipsight      Lets you choose how many moves you wish to go before seeing 
                  a flash of aetherspace, or if you never want to see 
                  aetherspace while moving.

MXP Prompt Options (only applies when MXP is turned on):
   mxpexits       Toggle whether or not you want to see exits in your prompt 
                  when MXP is enabled.
   mxpquests      Toggle whether or not you want to see the QUESTS command in 
                  your prompt when MXP is enabled.
   mxplook        Toggle whether or not you want to see the LOOK command in 
                  your prompt when MXP is enabled.
   mxpgreet       Toggle whether or not you want to see the GREET command in 
                  your prompt when MXP is enabled.
   mxpattack      Toggle whether or not you want to see the ATTACK command in 
                  your prompt when MXP is enabled.