This is an archive of the Lusternia Forums that existed from 2004 to Oct 2012. For the regular forums, see


  • Life in Lusternia
    • Common Grounds
      Chat about life, the universe, stainless steel goats, and anything else having to do with Lusternia.
    • Chronicles of the Basin
      Discuss the latest roleplaying events, situations and issues here!
    • Survival Guide
      Come here to share non-combat hints and advice. Or ask questions and seek help from the wise sages of Lusternia.
    • Combat Guide
      Whether it be crushing bones or blasting with cosmicfire, come here to offer advice and gives tips on strategy, or to ask questions and seek guidance from the masters.
    • Ideas
      You've just come up with an idea for a new guild, a new skill or how to completely re-design Lusternia to make it a hundred times greater and don't know who to tell? Well, post it here! (Be prepared for feedback!)
      • Mechanic's Corner
        Discuss triggers, macros, keybindings, scripts and other 'under the hood' topics for your favorite client.
      • Last Chance Trading Post
        Trader Bob has expanded to the forums! Post here for selling and bartering goods and services!
      • Life Outside of Lusternia
        • Forum News
          Announcements from the forum administrators.
          • The Real World
            Discuss ooc matters here. Doesn't count toward total posts. PLEASE DO NOT START POLITICAL OR RELIGIOUS THREADS!
            • Meet and Greet
              Wondering if any players live near you? Or want to try to host your own meet? Plan it here! Doesn't count toward total posts.
              • The Funnies
                Post quotes, stories and other humour here! Doesn't count toward total posts.