2.1   New Players      An overview for new Adventurers.
2.2   Newbie stuff     A bit about being a Newbie.
   2.2.1 Introduction     The Introductory Tour
   2.2.2 Newbieattacks    Attacking as a Newbie.
   2.2.3 Pools          The POOLS command.
   2.2.4 Quitting         Quitting the game, a guild, city, or other.
   2.2.5 Reject           The different things this can do for you!
   2.2.6 Recall           Recalling.
   2.2.7 Tasks            Newbie Tasks
2.3   What Now         A few suggestions for after the Intro Tour!
2.4   Movement         How to move around in Lusternia.
   2.4.1 Following        Following and denizens.
2.5   Obstacles        Obstacles that may impede your movement.
2.6   Inventory        Looking at things you are holding.
2.7   Things           How to handle things (get, put, drop, etc).
2.8   Looking          Looking at your surroundings.
2.9   Basecommands     A list of some basic commands.
2.10  Aliases          About Lusternia's internal alias system.
2.11  Wholist          Information on how to see who is on-line.
2.12  GWHO             How to see who is on-line in your guild.
2.13  Containers       Packs and containers
2.14  Newbie Guide     The Lusternia Newbie Guide
2.15  The Collegiums   Lusternia's newbie schools
2.16  Manipulating     Learn how to interact with the world around you.
2.17  Login Tips       Lusternia's tip system