Beauty Challenge Stats

We’d like to share some interesting Beauty Challenge stats with you. For some of those breakdowns, we can only go back as far as 2015 but we managed to get a few charts that account for the entire run of the challenges too. One of the things that we have heard over the years is…

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Beauty Submissions – Open

The time has come once again, and We challenge you to submit works worthy of the competition for the Seal of Beauty! Before We get into Our usual review of the submission guidelines, a note: Avechna’s announcement (Public News #1994) must be taken into consideration when creating and contributing to this Challenge of Beauty. How…

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Ascension Challenges and Schedule

An old open book accompanied by a compass and a candle

As the Nine Seals are threatened, with the Seal of Beauty broken and the others weakened, an Ascension is upon us. The Soulless Kethuru threatens to break out of imprisonment and Avechna, the Avenger has called for the worthy and brave to compete in Seal Challenges to select the Nine that will stand in the…

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Belated Summer Cornucopia

A great wave crashes down, two surfers attempt the wave.

Better late than never! Marutok took off with it but we finally managed to track down July’s promotion. Aethergoop Jars and Wonder Crates will continue to remain on the website until the end of the month. The first come with aethergoop, coins, and presents, while the latter with wonder crystals and presents. The aethergoop may…

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The Custodian and the Dreaming

A sheet of broken glass.

The night was young, mid-winter of the year 678 after the Coming of Estarra, and the Fellowship of the Roots was discussing the astounding power of the Dreaming – the wonder of dreams that are memories, both good and bad, and the warnings and pain they can bring. They went on like that through the…

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Following the Dreams

A spooky and misty landscape with a lonely tree.

On a chilly fall day of the year 676 after the Coming of Estarra, Makali Ganth set out for the pilgrim camp at the foot of Avechna’s Peak in search of a friend. The Fellowship of the Roots, of which he was a member, had not heard from Naesan Sweetfur in a while and were…

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Auctions Galore

A golden gavel

It’s high time for the auctions to begin! Starting now, we will be running 3 weeks of auctions – first credit auctions, then gold auctions, and then credit auctions again. Each set of auctions will generally run through the week, with the exception of this first week which will end approximately on weave on Monday…

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Endzones Review

Silhouetted trees set against a misty mountain backdrop.

Now that Endzones have been out for a while, we are looking at what tweaks we can make to make them more fun, more challenging, and more even. There are a number of issues that have been brought to us and put together they warrant a full reset of scores before they are implemented to…

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June Wheel Fortunes

A fortune cookies sits on a mat.

For the month of June, we have Iron Coins available to purchase from the website! You can spin these coins at the Wheel of Tzaraziko found at the Cave of Chaos. Additionally, playing for at least an hour on a given day will allow use of a free spin – SPIN WHEEL FREE! Check out…

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Spring Extravaganza

An empty basket against a background of a meadow with wildflowers.

For the month of May, we have a couple of things for you to take advantage of and look forward to! We’ll be having a 30% credit sale, meaning you’ll get an additional 30 credits for every 100 purchased. The above will come in handy as a sale on -all- artifacts in the in-game Artifact Shop (HELP…

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The Realm of the Majesty of the Dawn

Clouds lit up by sunlight

A great sadness befell the City of New Celest during the eve of Dioni, in the year 674, when a mote of cerulean light streaked across the skies above the sleepy city, descending towards the Pool of Stars. It was Meleris, the Keeper of the Pool of Stars that first noticed the mote of light as it bobbed sadly around…

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April Cornucopia

A cornucopia sits upon an outdoor table, surrounded by flowers.

For those of you just getting into Lusternia, or those of you ready to try something new, in April you can purchase lessons at discounted rates right off the website. Free classflexing will also be active throughout the month to allow you to try out a new class. See HELP PROMO DAYS for the classflex…

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Code Question Day

A laptop sits on a desk, an empty notepad lying open next to it.

This coming Tuesday (April 2nd) we’ll be hosting another Code Question Day on Discord. We will be answering whatever questions you may have that need looking up in code so you can make sure your reports are based on facts. If you have code questions not related to reports, we can answer that too! I…

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Reports Opening

Reports are now open! Based on your feedback, we have implemented a number of changes to reports but let us go over the basics first. If you are interested in writing a report, commenting or voting on one, or simply staying up to date on them, you should review HELP REPORTS and HELP WRITING REPORTS.…

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December & January Artbard Results

A mandolin lies among scattered music sheets in a half light

Congratulations to our Artbard participants from December and January! Alas, no submissions in February. If you’d like to join them for March, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. December ==( Bardic Winner )== Zylissa January…

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March Great Hunt

A trio of adventurers head off into the woods.

It’s been a while! Hunters, stock up on curatives and practice your routes because a Great Hunt is fast approaching. See HELP GREATHUNT for the details. Start: March 11th (Monday), weaveEnd: March 14th (Thursday), weave As there is always some confusion around weave-related timing, I want to clarify that the start is not the weave…

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March Quizzes

An open book against a dark background, light spilling from within

The World Library will be hosting two History Challenges this month and we hope to see everyone there (Public #1984). The scope of the quizzes will be clear and finite, and prizes plentiful. The History Challenges will cover the Histories of Lusternia as available on the website only. We will not venture into Modern History,…

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March Report Cycle

An army marches forward in black and white, the front few soldiers clear in their platemail, the rearguard naught but silhouettes.

We’ll be opening reports later this month but before we do so I’d like to ask for feedback on the current report format. Chiefly the issue of anonymity of report comments and current discouragement of open report discussions. We could make comments visible after reports close but perhaps still keep them anonymous. We could also…

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March Present Extravaganza

A golden present tied with a golden ribbon.

For the month of March, we’re switching things up a bit and running a present extravaganza with a twist. For every 25 credits you purchase for the month of March, you’ll receive a present as well. Even better is that for the first 100 credits you purchase, you’ll get an additional present for every 10…

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Skins, Jars, and Crates

As promised, additional Season d’Amour skins are here! You can see the whole list with ASHOP LIST KEYWORD VALENTINES and the new ones are at the very bottom (ASHOP 1290-1298). There’s also a new gnome weapon option – a mechanical perfume dispenser (ASHOP 1289). This one is not seasonal and will remain in the artifact…

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