Lusternia's quests are generally a permanent part of the world and most will become available again (reset) of their own accord. But even permanent quests may require specific conditions to become available, such as weather, season, the situation in the area, and so on. Quests can be simple and quick tasks, like locating and delivering an item, or quite complex and lengthy endeavours with many steps, enemies, and puzzles. Completing quests will usually result in a personal reward (see below) and some quests may even reveal hidden stories, give you access to new beasts, unleash a plague, or more.

To learn of quests, simply GREET the denizens you meet and you will hear clues that will lead you further. Many denizens have multiple things to say, so multiple greetings may be helpful. Other clues might be found in journals or books or other writings that you can READ. Read everything carefully - the appearance of each room you enter, the descriptions of the denizens you meet, and the written texts in books or journals you may happen across in your adventures.

Quest System

Most quests that you will come across in Lusternia can be found in the Quest System. Rather than explore and discover things organically, you can also browse through the system using various QUEST commands, but keep in mind there are also mysteries to discover outside of those listings. Descriptions of quests are generally brief and will not spoil the story, and will help you find where the quest can be done and which denizen to approach to get started.

You can view your active quests with QUESTS but by default, you do not track any quests. To add a quest to your list, you must first begin the quest, either by greeting the denizen involved or doing something related to the quest (varies from quest to quest). If you wish to remove a quest from your active quest list you can QUEST UNTRACK <quest> to remove it. If you complete a quest, even if it is not on your tracked list, you will still gain its rewards or honours.

To view information about a specific quest see QUEST <name of quest>, for example: QUEST KIAKODABABIES. Using the system you can also browse through quests with QUESTS ALL or QUESTS ALL <type>. The types are as follows: Newbie, Village, Vernal, Soulless, Aetherspace, Standard, and Honour. Honour quests will always reward an honour line, standard quests never will, and the other types might depending on the quest. You can also quickly review quests available in the area that you are in with QUESTS HERE. 

Quest Rewards

Completing a quest will generally result in personal rewards and these can take a variety of forms:

- experience
- gold
- credits
- honour line
- ikon
- curio piece (from quest collections)
- access to something (a special fae, beast, special item, etc.)

Credits are awarded as part of the daily credits system (see also: HELP DAILYCREDITS) and concern quests that are listed in the system and have a difficulty rating of 2+. You can see a quest's difficulty rating with QUESTS <name of quest> or QUESTS ALL. Some quests will not award credits despite their rating but such information will always be made clear in the quest's description with the note "This quest does not count towards daily reward credits."

Difficulty rating is based on the approximate time it takes to complete a quest by someone who has done it before so it may take longer the first time around. The breakdown of rating, reward, and approximate time investment is as follows:

Rating    Reward    Time to Complete
  1         0        under 5 minutes   
  2         1        5-10 minutes    
  3         4        10-20 minutes   
  4         7        20-40 minutes   
  5        10        40-60 minutes   
  6        13        60-90 minutes   
  7        15        90-120 minutes  
  8        17        120-180 minutes 
  9        19        180-240 minutes 
 10        20        over 240 minutes