A channel is way to communicate with a group - guilds, clans, cities, orders, newbies, and even yelling and shouting.  For all channels except clan channels, HELP LANGUAGERULES apply.

The first channel for most is NEWBIE.  Just type NEWBIE -message- and everyone listening to the newbie channel will see the message. Other channels are: 

Name     Command  For whom?
----     -------  ---------
City   - CT     - citizens (see HELP CITYCOMMANDS)
         CGT    - collegium (see HELP COLLEGIUM)
Clan   - CLT    - clan members (see HELP CLANCOMMAND)
Guild  - GT     - apprentices and full members
         GTS    - members of Guild Rank 5 and above
Market - MARKET - buying and selling, for level 11+
Newbie - NEWBIE - levels 1-30, and others helping them
Order  - OTO    - for the outer order
       - OT     - for the order proper
       - OTI    - for the inner order
Shout  - SHOUT  - levels 21+
Yell   - YELL   - anybody, to all in same local area

To turn most channels on, put ON after its name.  Same with OFF. For example, GNTON, NEWBIEOFF, etc. Exceptions: SHOUTSON and YELLSON.

Type CONFIG COLOUR to control how the guild messages appear to you.

Staying IN CHARACTER, and Other Restrictions
Always stay in character (IC) on channels - you are playing the role of a person in a magical world called Lusternia. Talk about real life, other muds, or your favorite singer - this should all be done outside the game or, if you must, use TELLS.

Be most careful with shouts - stay in character, watch language rules. Market channel is only for buying and selling: no chatting please. Newbie channel is for questions and answers about how to play the game: no chatting please.  Most other channels have their own rules, but are generally more tolerant of chatting and general conversation.

All channels are subject to HELP LANGUAGERULES, except clan channels.