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The Lusternian calendar as we know it evolved after the Fall of the Holy
Celestine Empire. 

Years, of course, in modern times date from the Coming of Estarra.

A Lusternian day is approximately 1 real-life hour.

There are 12 Lusternian months with 25 days in each month. The months are:

 1) Estar      (mid-winter)         7) Dvarsh     (mid-summer)
 2) Urlachmar  (late winter)        8) Tzarin     (late summer)
 3) Kiani      (early spring)       9) Klangiary  (early autumn)
 4) Dioni      (mid-spring)        10) Juliary    (mid-autumn)
 5) Vestian    (late spring)       11) Shanthin   (late autumn)
 6) Avechary   (early summer)      12) Roarkian   (early winter)

Using CALENDAR alone will allow you to view the current month's daily calendar view.

(See also HELP DATE)