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Step into the universe of Lusternia with the Nexus Client, now accessible on Android and iOS. Kindle your sense of adventure, wherever you may be.

What is Lusternia?

Lusternia is a text based multi-player game (sometimes called a MUD). When you create a character and log in, you join adventurers from all over the globe who will share in the trials and tribulations found only through intensive roleplaying. Some dismiss text games as retro, but many others find nothing can compare to the dynamic experience hearkening back to pen and paper RPGs.

Constantly Evolving World

Each year brings a new overarching story line interwoven through major events involving the world at large. New areas, quests and content are available at regular intervals with news posts archiving events for everyone to see.

Extensive Crafting System

Players can choose to become a crafter by picking a tradeskill, or two, or three, or more! Craft an earring one day, an origami the next and your own bed to sleep in. Our trades are: Alchemy, Bookbinding, Brewmeister, Cooking, Enchantment, Herbs, Jewelry, Lorecraft, Poisons, Spellcraft, Tailoring, Tattoos, Tinkering.

An Immersive World

Discover the rich world of Lusternia and its endless possibilities! Vie for power and influence as a leader in one of dozens of player-run organisations. Compete for top rankings in combat, or become a learned scholar and teach the masses about Lusternia's rich history. Delve into the complex economy, master a tradeskill or two, and amass a fortune in gold. Commission a ship and explore the depths of aetherspace. And much, much more!

Engaging Player vs Player Combat

Combat in Lusternia is handled different for mobile vs. player combat and player vs. player combat. Player combat involves much more than simply inflicting damage on your opponent. Not only can individual body parts be damaged, with different, harmful effects resulting from enough cumulative damage on a body part, but there are hundreds of afflictions that can be inflicted on an opponent.

A Friendly Community

We have a fantastic community of players dedicated to extending the Lusternian experience beyond the game!

  • gaudiguch

    Player Controlled Organisations

    Being a member of a city or commune means more than just political affiliation, for it creates an actual, spiritual bond between the member and the nexus. Each city, commune and guild organization is run by a government made up of elected players and player-appointed players.

  • Trill

    Multitudes of Immersive Skills

    Archetypes, or classes, are unique in that there are certain branches and/or specializations based on a simple skillweb that are only open to certain archetypes. In addition to all the common skills, archetypes receive one primary skill, and two secondary skills. They also are given the choice of one a trade skill.

  • web-front-5

    Rich and Captivating History

    From the beginning of the universe to the troubling past of today, every aspect of lore and history is known and retold. Who was Yudhe? How did the races form from the Elder Gods? All these answered and more...

  • race_krokani

    Customizable Player Options

    Though not all Elder Gods splintered into a race nor all mortal races came to be in this manner, it remains true that all Lusternians believe that within each of them is contained the fragment of a god. Thus it is said that the god-fragment within can potentially evolve through the cycles of birth and rebirth until perfection is achieved and the fragment is made whole, becoming a divine in his or her own right.


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Dec 1 2023

Tis the Season of Giving

For the month of December, Ironbeard and the Gnodfather are once again competing for Solstice domination! To participate, purchase solstice stockings directly from the website, which can then be hung in manses and commune and city rooms, max of 1 per room. Syntax: HANG <stocking> FOR <me|person> [ANONYMOUS]Syntax: STOCKINGS (to help track your stockings) At…
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A pile of gold coins sits upon a table surrounded by trinkets.

Nov 27 2023

Cyber Monday Promotion

Cyber Monday is here! Starting right now, you can buy a special package of 20 coins to be used with the Wheel of Tzaraziko for $19.99! This is a steep discount for such an amount of coins so it can only be purchased once per character. If you have participated in this last year, worry…
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A wodden shelf against a green background, letters on the shelf spell out "Thank You"

Nov 22 2023

Days of Gratitude

While not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving – either at all or does so earlier in the year – we wish those of you who do a happy one. We are grateful for the time all of you spend with us so if you are spending this time with family or friends (Or yourself! Everyone needs a…
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Cart filled with pumpkins

Nov 20 2023

Artifact Cart Returns

Ahead of and as part of a Cyber Monday promotion, the Artifact Cart returns to the website. Until the end of the month, you can buy artifacts directly from the website at a steep discount in the aforementioned Artifact Cart (30% off). The discount is even higher if you have an Iron Elite Membership of…
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Artisanal by Freja depicting a cold Snow Valley night.

Nov 19 2023

September & October 2023 Artbard Results

Congratulations to our Artbard participants from September and October! If you’d like to join them for November, make sure you get your submissions in by the end of the month. HELP ARTBARD will explain all about what you can submit, and how to do so. SEPTEMBER ==( Bardic Winner )==Eiselle OCTOBER ==( Artisanal Winner )==Freja…
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Artisanal entry titled "The Nightmare" by Persayis, showing a frightening Manteekan

Nov 18 2023

Lost, Found, and Returned: Memories, the Voice of Mahalla, and Manteekan, the Nightmare

Brennan Stormcrow was not becoming senile. He was quite certain that he had not had a conversation with Xenthos An’Ryshe and Takhre Inseira about the presence of Juur the Spriggan at the Master Ravenwood Tree. He was positive that he had never heard that snippet of song before, and that there was absolutely nothing he…
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Mossy roots in a forest.

Nov 18 2023

Fellowship of the Roots

Driven to get to the bottom of the dreams they have been receiving, the Fellowship of the Roots set out to recruit more widely from across the Basin of Life. Whether their dream’s source was benevolent, or not, they desired to comprehend it as they have been at the heart of too many coincidences of…
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Nov 6 2023

A New Acolyte of the Light is Chosen

It was in the early hours of a cool autumn morning just after school had started that the playful laughter of children echoed through the quiet streets of New Celest. The laughter was first heard by Tridemon Regalis, who chased the children around the entirety of the city, from the Dragon’s Grave, through the Memorial…
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An open treasure chest, treasures within

Nov 1 2023

November Racing and Chests

For the month of November, we’re double dipping in the rewards. Credit purchases from the website will come with special chests once more. For every 100 credits purchased, you will receive one chest. To sweeten the pot, you will also receive a chest at the first 25, 50, and 75 credit intervals, resulting in 4…
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a haunted house atop a mountain surrounded by lit jack-o-lanterns

Oct 31 2023

The Haunting

Once again, Atropos, the Eldest of the Fates, has broken her shears! This means that the Haunting is upon us and when anything dies, there is a chance its ghost will not find its way to the Portal of Fate. If you find one of these poor lost souls, you can capture it if you…
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A chicken army rallies for the revolution

Oct 31 2023

Anniversary Contest Results

There is never a better time to rally for the chicken revolution than the Festival of the Creatrix. And so, each of the chicken generals posed a challenge to the inhabitants of the Basin of Life to see how well they could cope under pressure in the hope of finding a few who could join…
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Crow of the Ravenwood artisanal by Ymbryne

Oct 27 2023

Crow’s Return and a Mysterious Trade

On the 13th of Urlachmar, the loud cries and cawing of the Glomdoring Forest’s gathered crows echoed across the land, portending something imminent. Shooting across the Basin at great speed, Brother Crow returned to the Forest from his place at Lady Viravain’s side. The mysterious Elder Goddess had departed the Forest some time ago, and…
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  • gaudiguch

    Roleplaying in Fantasy World of Lusternia

    Are you ready to embark upon a roleplay adventure in a rich and unique fantasy world?

    Lusternia is a multiplayer text-based roleplaying game where everything happens in real time and players actively influence a dynamic fantasy world. Our friendly and close-knit player community is from all around the world so there is rarely downtime no matter the timezone.

    Roleplay is at the forefront in Lusternia as you create a brand new character right in the very intro. There are numerous options to customize your character already at the beginning, including such roleplay staples as guild, race, and class. In addition to that, you have to choose an organisation – a city or a commune – that you align with and which will be your character’s home and political affiliation. That is not where customisation ends though as endless player choices and customisation await players in-game – among them artifacts, perks, armour, demigod powers, combat, trade, and craft skills, Divine Orders, and fully customisable player appearance and clothing.

    Due to its multiplayer and real-time nature, Lusternia is a constantly evolving fantasy world where players are part of game master-led storylines and carry out their own story and character arcs as well. A rich and fully free-form speaking and emoting system means players can roleplay without constrain to bring their characters to life – a feat only really accomplished by text-based RPG games. Outside of that, Lusternia offers a huge number of quest adventures that players can embark upon, solo or together, including very challenging ones. Whether you enjoy puzzles, daunting monsters, or exciting stories, there are quests for every type of character out there.

  • web-front-5

    MUD Game with Rich History

    As every organization has its own rich history, lore, and culture, it also has its own morality and beliefs. You can roleplay as anywhere on the spectrum of good and evil, especially as our fantasy world boasts shades of grey wherever a player turns. Your character can become a hero or a villain, or someone truly neutral, but the perception of their deeds will differ from organization to organization. As our cities and communes have player-led governments, guilds, and Divine Orders, the opportunity for politicking, spying, sabotage, deals, and plots is enormous and can impact the game world at large too.

    Lusternia is a text-based RPG that has something for everyone. If it is PvP opportunities that you seek, there are combat events taking place daily and you can spar, raid, and battle other players anytime. Among classes (archetypes) that you can pick up are the classic fantasy world ones and some less known types: warrior, mage, druid, Wiccan, guardian, bard, and monk. Each of those has a few flavours (classes) as well which can entirely change your gameplay. For example, among warriors, there are Paladins, Serenguard, Ur’Guard, Ebonguard, Templar, and the Sentinels. Each class has an extensive history and can customize their experience with various secondary and tertiary skill choices. All classes have combat-focused skills as well as utility and roleplay ones.

    For those more focused on roleplay, there are numerous avenues of interest but to list them all would be impossible. Players can play merchants as Lusternia has a free market economy where players run shops and craft the goods through numerous mercantile and artisan skills. If it is more the design side that has your fancy, numerous craft skills allow for crafting of customised and written solely by the player designs – be they rings, dresses, armour, tattoos, books, or even couches. If your character leans more towards the spiritual, mythical Elder God personas (ran by game masters) have Divine Orders that can be joined to round out your character or pursue the life of a cleric of the divine, various organizations have unique religious and spiritual roleplay as well. Those culturally and artistically inclined can write plays and performances for our fantasy world’s theatres, as well as, write literary and scholarly books for its libraries. The number of roleplay systems that Lusternia boasts is vast.

    Create a character and find out for yourself why text-based games make the best RPGs!


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