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What is Lusternia?

Lusternia is a text based multi-player game (sometimes called a MUD). When you create a character and log in, you join adventurers from all over the globe who will share in the trials and tribulations found only through intensive roleplaying. Some dismiss text games as retro, but many others find nothing can compare to the dynamic experience hearkening back to pen and paper RPGs.

Constantly Evolving World

Each year brings a new overarching story line interwoven through major events involving the world at large. New areas, quests and content are available at regular intervals with news posts archiving events for everyone to see.

Extensive Crafting System

Players can choose to become a crafter by picking a tradeskill, or two, or three, or more! Craft an earring one day, an origami the next and your own bed to sleep in. Our trades are: Alchemy, Bookbinding, Brewmeister, Cooking, Enchantment, Herbs, Jewelry, Lorecraft, Poisons, Spellcraft, Tailoring, Tattoos, Tinkering.

An Immersive World

Discover the rich world of Lusternia and its endless possibilities! Vie for power and influence as a leader in one of dozens of player-run organisations. Compete for top rankings in combat, or become a learned scholar and teach the masses about Lusternia's rich history. Delve into the complex economy, master a tradeskill or two, and amass a fortune in gold. Commission a ship and explore the depths of aetherspace. And much, much more!

Engaging Player vs Player Combat

Combat in Lusternia is handled different for mobile vs. player combat and player vs. player combat. Player combat involves much more than simply inflicting damage on your opponent. Not only can individual body parts be damaged, with different, harmful effects resulting from enough cumulative damage on a body part, but there are hundreds of afflictions that can be inflicted on an opponent.

A Friendly Community

We have a fantastic community of players dedicated to extending the Lusternian experience beyond the game!

  • gaudiguch

    Player Controlled Organisations

    Being a member of a city or commune means more than just political affiliation, for it creates an actual, spiritual bond between the member and the nexus. Each city, commune and guild organization is run by a government made up of elected players and player-appointed players.

  • Trill

    Multitudes of Immersive Skills

    Archetypes, or classes, are unique in that there are certain branches and/or specializations based on a simple skillweb that are only open to certain archetypes. In addition to all the common skills, archetypes receive one primary skill, and two secondary skills. They also are given the choice of one a trade skill.

  • web-front-5

    Rich and Captivating History

    From the beginning of the universe to the troubling past of today, every aspect of lore and history is known and retold. Who was Yudhe? How did the races form from the Elder Gods? All these answered and more...

  • race_krokani

    Customizable Player Options

    Though not all Elder Gods splintered into a race nor all mortal races came to be in this manner, it remains true that all Lusternians believe that within each of them is contained the fragment of a god. Thus it is said that the god-fragment within can potentially evolve through the cycles of birth and rebirth until perfection is achieved and the fragment is made whole, becoming a divine in his or her own right.


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The October 2019 Artisanal winner, by Gurashi!

Sep 19 2020

Lusternia’s Sixteenth Anniversary Events

Lusternia turns sixteen years old in 2020! And, as always, we’re holding a series of games, contests and more to celebrate this momentous milestone, with the in-character celebration of the Festival of the Creatrix. All contests bar the Great Hunt and Battlechess award 300 credits for 1st place, 150 credits for 2nd place and 50…
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A background created for the Lusternia Development livestream on the 12th Sept. There is art of Orael and Aonia by Gurashi on the lefthand side. On the right hand side, there is a list that reads: Lusternia Dev Roadmap. Top secret - do not leak! 1. Release cabbage design patterns. 2. Lore integration with all IRE games. 3. Delete Kethuru. 4. Install Squibbles AI + activate. 5. Look at library code [this is crossed out]. 5. Fire the Twitter gremline who last made a typo. 6. Delete the word 'effulgent' from all designs. 7. Take a nap. 8. Make 'lmao' emote an alias for heartstop. 9. Dye all nexii lime green. 10. Make Oreo double stuffed. The list is surrounded by childlike drawings.

Sep 18 2020

12th September Development Livestream

This past Saturday, 12th September, Aonia and Orael held a livestream to announce the next Big Project for Lusternia: the Economy!
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Death, by Esei. Stylised as a tarot card, this artwork is of the Goddess Viravain. It depicts Viravain, a female Divine with white hair and a black robe, wielding a scythe. It is framed by a green border that reads: XIII - Death.

Sep 14 2020

Secrets of the Admin

Our God Blog series is back with an investigation by our delightful Viravain - who has spun Her webs into the secrets of many of our wonderful Divine.
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Artwork of Orael and Aonia, by Gurashi. Orael is a prismatic purple blob with glasses and a clipboard - next to him is Aonia, a shimmering silhouette with a bright pink smile. Behind them are a number of bugs, hamsters, and more.

Sep 11 2020

Upcoming Livestream

Join us this coming Saturday 12th September at 7pm GMT for a development livestream from our wonderful Producers!
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An Unexpected Visit, by Gurashi. This Artisanal is a comic depicting Gurashi, a player character, and the NPC Duethielle. The text of the comic reads: "Thank you for the dance." - "You were hurt, scared, in the dark." - "I know you will be okay..."

Sep 10 2020

August 2020 Artbard Winners

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners for August!
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Sep 5 2020

New Artbard System is Live!

Our new Artbard system is live and submissions for the September contest are open as normal!
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Sep 1 2020

September DoubleDipping

This September in Lusternia, you can double dip on your rewards when buying credits - getting both wondercrystals and racetrack tickets!
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An Artisanal artwork of Mysrai and Gurashi, by Gurashi

Aug 30 2020

Becoming Chaos

In this return to our fabled God Blogs, our very own Mysrai talks us through what it was like for Them to step into the Elder Divine's very large shoes.
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Aug 17 2020

Action Line Customisations!

Always wanted to make your mechanical parasol spew the rainbows that shine in your heart? Well, now you can - with action line customisation!
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Aug 14 2020

July 2020 Artbard Winners

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from July! If you want to join them for August, make sure you make your submissions by the end of this month. HELP ARTBARD explains exactly how to submit. A reminder to please make sure you follow the instructions carefully, especially regarding the formatting of your descriptions. Bardic…
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Artwork of Orael and Aonia, by Gurashi. Orael is a prismatic purple blob with glasses and a clipboard - next to him is Aonia, a shimmering silhouette with a bright pink smile. Behind them are a number of bugs, hamsters, and more.

Aug 10 2020

25th July Bugfixing Livestream Video

For the second time, our wonderful producers and coders took to Twitch to fix some bugs! And there were some doozies...
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Aug 8 2020

Ephemeral Applications Open

Applications to become an ephemeral in Lusternia are now open until the 5th September!
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