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What is Lusternia?

Lusternia is a text based multi-player game (sometimes called a MUD). When you create a character and log in, you join adventurers from all over the globe who will share in the trials and tribulations found only through intensive roleplaying. Some dismiss text games as retro, but many others find nothing can compare to the dynamic experience hearkening back to pen and paper RPGs.

Constantly Evolving World

Each year brings a new overarching story line interwoven through major events involving the world at large. New areas, quests and content are available at regular intervals with news posts archiving events for everyone to see.

Extensive Crafting System

Players can choose to become a crafter by picking a tradeskill, or two, or three, or more! Craft an earring one day, an origami the next and your own bed to sleep in. Our trades are: Alchemy, Bookbinding, Brewmeister, Cooking, Enchantment, Herbs, Jewelry, Lorecraft, Poisons, Spellcraft, Tailoring, Tattoos, Tinkering.

An Immersive World

Discover the rich world of Lusternia and its endless possibilities! Vie for power and influence as a leader in one of dozens of player-run organisations. Compete for top rankings in combat, or become a learned scholar and teach the masses about Lusternia's rich history. Delve into the complex economy, master a tradeskill or two, and amass a fortune in gold. Commission a ship and explore the depths of aetherspace. And much, much more!

Engaging Player vs Player Combat

Combat in Lusternia is handled different for mobile vs. player combat and player vs. player combat. Player combat involves much more than simply inflicting damage on your opponent. Not only can individual body parts be damaged, with different, harmful effects resulting from enough cumulative damage on a body part, but there are hundreds of afflictions that can be inflicted on an opponent.

A Friendly Community

We have a fantastic community of players dedicated to extending the Lusternian experience beyond the game!

  • gaudiguch

    Player Controlled Organisations

    Being a member of a city or commune means more than just political affiliation, for it creates an actual, spiritual bond between the member and the nexus. Each city, commune and guild organization is run by a government made up of elected players and player-appointed players.

  • Trill

    Multitudes of Immersive Skills

    Archetypes, or classes, are unique in that there are certain branches and/or specializations based on a simple skillweb that are only open to certain archetypes. In addition to all the common skills, archetypes receive one primary skill, and two secondary skills. They also are given the choice of one a trade skill.

  • web-front-5

    Rich and Captivating History

    From the beginning of the universe to the troubling past of today, every aspect of lore and history is known and retold. Who was Yudhe? How did the races form from the Elder Gods? All these answered and more...

  • race_krokani

    Customizable Player Options

    Though not all Elder Gods splintered into a race nor all mortal races came to be in this manner, it remains true that all Lusternians believe that within each of them is contained the fragment of a god. Thus it is said that the god-fragment within can potentially evolve through the cycles of birth and rebirth until perfection is achieved and the fragment is made whole, becoming a divine in his or her own right.


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An Artisanal artwork of Seralem by Gurashi

Jun 13 2021

May 2021 Artbard Results

Congratulations to our Artisanal and Bardic winners from May!
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Li-varili, Lady of the Lagoon - art by Gurashi

Jun 3 2021

Releasing the Prisoner of the Namiraa Trench

The Empress' Last Breath sailed into the Inner Sea with sails unfurled as Captain Teyitha Contelli revealed her proud vessel to the Basin of Life. Though mortals prepared themselves for combat, the good Captain made her desire for peace clear as she requested a parley, inviting all interested aboard to learn of her crew's current quest.
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The smog-clad city of Magnagora.

Jun 3 2021

The Veloske Heirloom Heist

It is not unusual for terrified cries to carry down Magnagoran streets, but it is unusual for these cries to be those of a child and about a fight. So when an urchin thundered down the streets of Magnagora right after the stroke of midnight on Klangiary 14th, in the year 590, the city took notice.
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Against a dark sky, a pyramid stands tall, its peak aflame.

Jun 3 2021

From the Gaudiguch Gossip – Special Edition: the Pavilion Exposed?!

What was an otherwise uneventful month would quickly escalate within the desert streets of Gaudiguch, as Beloch Baruwski spoke over the city aethers of a delicate situation having just been handled within the Wasted Wakabi.
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Upon a black background, a lone censer sits, smoking faintly.

Jun 2 2021

June Promotion

For the month of June, when you purchase credits on the website, you'll also receive one wonder crystal for every 50 credits purchased!
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May 31 2021

A Timely Proposal: The Tale of Project AEON and the Office of Sanitation

Captain Irima Ironwing sounded the alarm in Hallifax last Klangiary when an unexpected security breach occurred at the elevator beneath the city. Her signal was swiftly answered by Qilllilitli Skydrifter, Calioliahali Skydrifter, Mmellialleh Skydrifter, Ayisdra Ysav’rai, and Intern Tem. Soon they encountered the suspicious individual within the elevator: a strange intruder named Rauye Rhineseer, a…
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A long black tunnel illuminated by artificial light

May 25 2021

Server move

Our ISP is moving locations and has asked to move our servers to their new building.
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A library with many tall bookcases

May 23 2021

Calling for Guides

We are again calling for applications for the selection of Guides (HELP GUIDES).
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Penguins gathering on top of an iceberg

May 22 2021

There Was No Bloodshed in Kiakoda Reserve

Ah, this is the best life. Nothing like lounging by a nice warm pool of bubbling lava with a steaming cup of tea to melt the chill of frigid temps.
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May 20 2021

Auctions Week 4 – Additions

We will be adding a few extra items to the last week of auctions. We know it’s a bit late to announce it, given you have made decisions about what to bet on ahead of time, but we’d rather not sit on some of those cool last-minute ideas things till the next auction season. One…
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A picture of a pocketwatch on several old hardback books.

May 17 2021

Week 3 Auctions

Some changes and a request going forwards! Week 3 auctions await.
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A pile of gold coins sits upon a table surrounded by trinkets.

May 12 2021

Economy Revamp

We have posted an updated economy proposal in the Ideas section of the forums and invite you all to check it out.
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