See also HELP RACIAL EMOTES and HELP <race>

All Lusternians may initially choose one of the following races:

Human, Dwarf, Elfen, Dracnari, Faeling, Furrikin, Krokani, Aslaran, Loboshigaru, Mugwump, Merian, Orclach, Igasho, Tae'dae, Taurian, Trill, Viscanti, Lucidian, Kephera or Illithoid.

There are additional races one may become over time, including the Changeling who may take the appearance of any of the above races.

You may gain information on the specific races with HELP <race>.

Each race has some optional advantages/disadvantages. HELP <race> will show you these.

If you find yourself unhappy with your race, you have available to you, once in your lifetime, a free reincarnation. You must journey to the Portal of Fate, and REINCARNATE INTO <race>. Doing so allows you to choose a new race. If you are above level 30, or you are using the Dagger of Reincarnation, you must be dead to reincarnate.

In addition, until you are level 30 you may reincarnate as many times as you wish.

The history of the specific races may be found in the Lusternian Mythology and the History of the Mortal Races (on the website and in the help files in the History section). A minisummary of the origins of each race is below:

Aslaran        : Cat-like race, very fast.
Dracnari       : Dragon-like race, can breathe fire
Dwarf          : Small, though stout, people.
Elfen          : Lithe people of the forests.
Faeling        : A cross between an elfen and a fae creature.
Fink           : Twisted matriarchal race born in aetherspace.
Furrikin       : Tiny, furry people who are very fast.
Gnome          : Short, technological race who travel aetherspace.
Human          : The most adaptive of the Lusternian races.
Igasho         : Largest of all races, extremely hairy.
Illithoid      : Serpent-like psionic vampires.
Kephera        : Very matriarchal and psionic insectoids.
Krokani        : One-eyed giants.
Loboshigaru    : Wolf-like race, strong regeneration.
Lucidian       : Crystal people of logic and intellect.
Merian         : A very noble, waterbreathing race.
Mugwump        : Amphibious race with keen intellect.
Nagasith       : Snake-like planes travellers.
Orclach        : Warrior race, large and strong.
Sileni         : Goat-legged musicians.
Tae'dae        : Bear-like race, extremely charismatic and strong.
Taurian        : Bull-like race, dangerous in herds.
Trill          : Feathered, bird-like race that can fly.
Viscanti       : The Tainted race.
Wildewood      : A tree-like race with a deep bond.
Wyrdenwood     : A tree-like race with a deep bond.

If you are looking for members of your own race, RACEWHO (or just RWHO) will show you people online, who are visible to you, of your race.

See also HELP RACIAL EMOTES and HELP <race>