19.11 ADMINS

Currently there are seven Administrators, also called Admins who deal with 
and are responsible for addressing game mechanics. The Administrators of 
Fate generally deal with day-to-day issues via the ISSUE system, and there 
are four others that deal with specialized problems involving particulars 
within the game.

  o The Oneiroi, Administrators of Fate
  o The Norns, Administrators of Fate
  o The Erinyes, Administrators of Fate

  o The Moirae, Administrators of the Guides
  o The Furies, Administrators of the Envoys
  o The Charites, Administrators of the Crafts
  o The Camenae, Administrators of Building

  o Satirica, Administrator of Story
  o Dramatica, Administrator of Story
  o Romantica, Administrator of Story
  o Comedia, Administrator of Story

The administrators handle all OOC matters and issues and they should be 
the ones you contact (not the gods).

They are not Gods, though they have many powers of Gods and a broad 
mandate to handle violations of laws, harassment, PK, thievery, and other 
things related to customer service. Unlike Gods, they have no role-playing 
function: they are there solely to deal with customer service, primarily 
through the ISSUE system.

If an Admin asks you a question, please answer it; your cooperation in any 
activity an Admin undertakes can only benefit Lusternia as a whole -- 
please give your maximum assistance.