Titles in Lusternia - up to 30 characters before, and the same after, your name. The part before your name is called the prefix. The part after is the suffix.

For instance: The Gibber, Rider of the Apocalypse.
NAME  : Gibber
SUFFIX: , Rider of the Apocalypse

To gain a title, someone powerful must grant it: guildmaster, guildsecretary, a high-ranking member of your city, or a Divine Patron.

Changing someone's title costs 50 gold per suffix or prefix changed. Everyone gets the first prefix and suffix free.

You can see an adventurer's titles by typing HONOURS <adventurer>.

Rules for titles:
1) A title is just that, a title. It is not a sentence.
2) No acronyms in titles (TGO, OBJ, etc).
3) Overly silly titles (our discretion) are bad.
4) Titles that imply you are immortal, or a god, are bad
   ("The Goddess of...," "The mighty Ephemeral," etc.)
5) Titles that purposely attempt to obscure your name are bad.
   ("Jack, Jill, Tom, Jones" for example)
6) Make sure that references to immortals are OK with them.
   ("Gibber, Estarra's pet": be VERY SURE that Estarra is OK with it.)

Good titles:
Lancelot, the Lion-hearted.
Druid Lancelot Fionuaidh.
Freya Xanne Kaer-Leigh
Lord Buckthorn of Ceylon

Bad titles:
The Lancelot Project
Smiling sweetly, Beth the Pouncer

Generally, shorter is sweeter. Trying to cram all sorts of information into your title just makes you look silly. In any case, most of you have perfectly acceptable titles. It's just a few that don't, and you will likely be hearing from us.