Your inventory is what you are carrying or wearing or wielding - equipment of various sorts.

The word INVENTORY in Lusternia is most commonly used to refer to the items and equipment that a player or mobile is carrying, wielding, or wearing. There are two ways to see what is in your inventory.

   INVENTORY (or INV, EQ, QI) list your inventory.
   INFO INV (or II)           a more detailed list, with numeric ids.
   INFO INV (or II) <item>    to show only items of a particular sort.
   INFO INV EMPTY             lists containers that are empty.
   INFO HERE (or IH)          shows the detailed items in the room.

There are quite a few ways that other players can make you drop, or can steal items from your inventory. Putting a fist-shaped sigil on wielded items will ensure that your grip on it will be too tight to lose it with many methods (see HELP SIGILS)

Each item in Lusternia has a separate and distinct number (as shown in II). Oftentimes you will have multiple items of a similar type, and you will want to be specific in referring to one. You may see the following on INV:

You are holding:
5 oaken vials.

But you might only want to give one of them to the person next to you. To make sure you give the right one to your comrade, you would look at II VIAL to see more detail, which will look like so:

You are holding:
"vial11111"                             an oaken vial (filled with a love potion)
"vial11112"                             an oaken vial (filled with a potion of healing)
"vial11113"                             an oaken vial (filled with a potion of mana)
"vial11114"                             an oaken vial (filled with a potion of healing)
"vial11115"                             an oaken vial (filled with a potion of healing)

You can then make sure you give the right vial to your comrade using GIVE VIAL11114 TO ROARK instead of using the generic GIVE VIAL, which would hand over the first vial in the list.

To gain more information on an item, including what is inside the item, if anything, you may:
   PROBE <item> (or P <item>)
   EXAMINE <item> (or EX <item>)

There are various ways of manipulating equipment, and they include:
   GET/G <item>
   GET/G <item> FROM <another item>
   GIVE <item> TO <whomever>
   WIELD <item>
   UNWIELD <item>
   WEAR <item>
   REMOVE <item>

Dealing with gold is a slightly different matter, as you will want to specify how much gold to get or give. To do this, you would, for instance, type GIVE 100 GOLD TO ROARK. Of course, if you don't have 100 gold, poor Roark will be broke, and you will be standing there looking silly.