4.1    Score            Look at information about your character.
   4.2    Status           Find out additional info about your character.
      4.2.1  Buffs              Increases to attributes and defences.
      4.2.2  Rooting            How resistant you are to forced movement.
   4.3    Defences         See a list of defences affecting you.
   4.4    Energy Reserves  Obtain personal energy from a nexus of power.
   4.5    Teaching         Teaching skills to others.
   4.6    Alignment        Good vs. Evil vs. Other.
   4.7    Equilibrium      Mental equilibrium and physical balance.
   4.8    Lessongain       How to gain more lessons to learn with.
   4.9    Titles           How to get a prefix or suffix to your name.
   4.10   Marriage         Here comes the bride.
   4.11   Family           How to form families!
   4.11.1 Bloodbond        An alternative method to form families.
   4.11.2 Abbreviations    What the letters all mean.
   4.11.3 Family Honour    Great House family honour.
   4.12   Yourdescription  Personalizing your description.
   4.12.1 Guises           Guises and how to use them.
   4.13   Config           Various configuration options and settings.
   4.13.1 Prompt           Changing your prompt to display more info.
   4.14   Races            The mortal races of Lusternia.
   4.14.1 Aslaran          Cat-like race, very fast.
   4.14.2 Dracnari         Dragon race, fire-breathers.
   4.14.3 Dwarf            Stout mountain folk.
   4.14.4 Elfen            Lithe forest dwellers.
   4.14.5 Faeling          Cross between elfling and fae.
   4.14.6 Furrikin         Tiny, furry people who are very fast.
   4.14.7 Human            Recently arrived race to Lusternia.
   4.14.8 Igasho           Largest of the races, extremely hirsute.
   4.14.9 Krokani          One-eyed giants.
   4.14.10 Loboshigaru     Regenerating wolf race, strong regeneration.
   4.14.11 Lucidian        Crystal people of logic and intellect.
   4.14.12 Merian          A very noble, waterbreathing race.
   4.14.13 Mugwump         Amphibious race with keen intellect and wit.
   4.14.14 Orclach         Warrior race, large strong brutes.
   4.14.15 Tae'dae         Bear-like race, very charismatic and strong.
   4.14.16 Taurian         The bull people, aggressive and strong.
   4.14.17 Trill           Feathered, bird-like race who can fly.
   4.14.18 Viscanti        The Tainted race.
   4.14.19 Origins         The Origins of the mortal Races
   4.14.20 Kephera         Matriarchal, psionic insectoids.
   4.14.21 Illithoid       Serpent-like psionic vampires.
   4.14.22 Wildewood       Those who are one with the wilde.
   4.14.23 Wyrdenwood      A race born of the Wyrd itself.
   4.14.24 Gnome           Extremely intelligent race born in aetherspace.
   4.14.25 Fink            Very sneaky race born in aetherspace.
   4.14.26 Sileni          Six-fingered, goat-legged musicians.
   4.14.27 Nagasith        Serpentine, transformed mugwumps.
   4.15   Language         The languages that exist in Lusternia.
   4.15.1 Elder Language   A brief survey of usage for Elder Language.
   4.16   Skills           The skill sets that you have.
   4.17   Rolepoints       A system of rewarding roleplay.
   4.18   Honours          View public information about another.
   4.18.1 Consider         The consider command.
   4.19   Might            Comparative Might (in CONSIDER and HONOURS).
   4.20   History          Compose a background and personal history.
   4.21   Exploration      The Fellowship of Explorers.
   4.23   Names            Good names in Lusternia.
   4.24   Namechange       The rules for changing your character's name.
   4.25   Rent             Save or Rent, and inactivity in Lusternia.
   4.26   Looting          Looting corpses.
   4.27   Joining          The things you can join!
   4.28   Gender           Gender options in Lusternia.