As you make your travels through Lusternia, you will slowly rise in rank in the Fellowship of Explorers. However, over time, as new lands are discovered, your rank in the Fellowship may actually decrease. This is because your rank in the Fellowship depends on how much of the known world you have explored. Thus if you do not keep the boots dusty, as the igasho saying goes, your prowess as an explorer will diminish. Your rank may be seen by typing SCORE, and others will see it on HONOURS.

Note that exploring while a soul does not affect your rank. Additionally, not all rooms count towards explorer ranking - some such as (but not limited to) stockrooms, the newbie areas and manses, are exempt.

RANKINGS EXPLORERS will show you a ranked list of the greatest explorers in the land.

  a Vagrant
  a Pedestrian
  a Landloper
  an Itinerant Traveler
  a Pilgrim
  a Valleyrunner
  a Riverwalker
  a Roamer of the Basin
  a Visionary of Distance
  a Walker of Lost Lands
  a Seeker of Avechna
  an Ethereal Wanderer
  a Pioneer of the Unknown
  an Elemental Tracker
  a Worldwalker
  a Planar Drifter
  a Cosmic Wayfarer
  a Voyager to the Beyond
  an Astral Traveller
  a Messenger of the Fates
  a Planeswalker