The STAT/STATUS command gives you some further information on the status of your character. You may also enter STAT E (or STATUS E) to include clans that have enemied you (they are omitted by default).

| An Example -------------------------------------------------------------|
| Rest      : fully rested                 Lessons        : 100           |
| Hunger    : utterly satiated                                            |
| Sobriety  : sober and in control         Credits        : 50            |
| Tolerance : intolerant                   Bound Credits  : 150           |
| Sanity    : completely sane              Dingbats       : 25            |
| Warmth    : a bit underdressed           Sticky Dingbats: 25            |
| Prestige  : like royalty                 Reincarnations : one           |
| Rooting   : intermediate                 Timeout        : 30 min        |
| Aethergoop: 0                                                           |
| Played    : 0 days, 0 hours, and 20 minutes    Vote Wgt : 1             |
| This Week : 0 days, 0 hours, and 20 minutes    Mindset  : Analytical    |
| Family    : None                               Campaign : None          |
| Portals   : unlimited (type PORTALS to jump to a room of useful         |
|             portals)                                                    |
| Grace     : you are protected from harm by the Grace of Innocence       |
| Messages  : type MSGS to read your unread messages                      |
| Ignoring  : shouts (type SHOUTSON to listen to them)                    |
| Shout     : not permitted                                               |
| Motto     : None (SET MOTTO or SET WARCRY to learn more)                |
|-------------------------------------------------------------- ENEMIED TO|
| Serenwilde              Kelpies                 Ladantine               |
| Delport                 Rockholm                Southgard               |
| Celestia                Celest                  Hartstone               |
| Aquamancers             Moondancers             Celestines              |
| Terentia                Faethorn                Nomads                  |
| Tosha                   Shallach                Liquorice               |
| Arthar'rt               Shallamurine            Charune                 |
| Zoaka                   Waterlords              Tolborolla              |
| Kephera                                                                 |

The first box

This is separated into two columns.

The left shows further information about the status and basic needs of your character.

If your rest and hunger levels fall too low, or you become drunk or insane, this can have negative effects on your character. See the following helpfiles for more information:


'Clothing' and 'Prestige' indicate how many clothes you are wearing, and their quality. Prestige can be important when persuading NPCs to accept your opinion in influence battles.

 - See HELP CLOTHES for more information.

'Rooting' refers to your ability to resist attempts by other players to forcibly move you from one place to another.

The columns on the right side refer to lessons, credits, dingbats and reincarnations.

The Lessons statistic displays the number of free lessons you have. These are used to raise your skills and gain new abilities. HELP LESSONS will explain this in more detail.

Credits, Bound Credits Aethergoop, and Dingbats are OOC currencies for the purchase of various artifacts. Credits can also be turned into lessons. You will receive 'Bound Credits' when you reach certain levels (HELP LEVELS). For more information, refer to:


The Reincarnation option shows whether or not you can reincarnate into a new race. See HELP REINCARNATION for more information.

The first box also displays your timeout limit. This is the time after which you will disconnect from the server if you did not enter a command. Your time out limit can be changed.

 - See HELP TIMEOUT for more information.

The second box

This displays the total time you have spent online in the game, and the total time this week. Note that this is measured in real time, not in game time.

It also shows your family relationships. If you are in a family, this will be shown. If you are married to someone, the name of your spouse will also be displayed. See HELP FAMILY for more information on how to find your family or even found your own!

On the right side, your vote weight is shown (Vote Wgt). This can range from 1 to 10 and is determined by the amount of time you spend online. The more time you spend in game, the higher the number will be. Your Vote Weight affects your influence in elections: if you have a vote weight of 10, your vote will be worth 10 points; but if you have a vote weight of 1, it will only be worth 1. See HELP ELECTIONS for further information. (Note that in referendums, all votes count for only one point)

Next, your current mindset is displayed beneath your Vote Weight. Your 'mindset' is relevant if you enter debates with other players. See AB INFLUENCE DEBATING for more information on what debating is.

Lastly, your current campaign is shown. Campaigns can only be used by players of the third rank or above in their city or commune. They are used to create spheres of influence in village influences. See HELP CAMPAIGN for more information.

The third box

This displays various information about your character:

'Portals' refers to how many Godly rescues you have left. A rescue is a free 'teleport' which the Gods give to new players. It enables new players to return to the 'Ring of Portals' when lost. This is a place which has exits to many different, important locations. Please, note that you will lose access to the PORTALS command upon reaching level 30.

 - See HELP PORTALS for more information.

Next, 'Grace' shows that you are protected from harm by other players. As long as you walk in Grace no other player can attack you, nor can you attack them. There are two types of grace:

 - All new players are given the Grace of Innocence. This fades
   automatically upon reaching level 30.

 - Players are also given grace for a short period when they die.

'Messages' shows whether you have any unread messages. Use MSGS to display a quick overview or RM to read the first unread message.

 - See HELP MESSAGES for more information.

'Ignoring' shows you whether you are listening to mortal shouting or not. Please note that you will always hear Gods shouting.

'Shout' refers to what your shout sounds like to other people who have not yet learned the skill in discernment which enables them to recognise shouts. As you grow in power, so will your voice become more impressive.

Lastly, there is a line referring to your 'Motto'. If you have no motto or warcry, as this player does, then typing SET WARCRY <your warcry> will create one. After you've done this, typing WARCRY as you rush into battle would be appropriate. An optional use of this is MOTTO, which you may set with SET MOTTO <your motto> or use with MOTTO.

The fourth box

This informs you which cities, villages or groups you are an official enemy of. Note that clan enemyings are not included in this list. You must STAT E to see those.


Your STATUS didn't always look shiny and colourful like it does now. For historical interest, the old 'status' is still displayed. You can view it with OLDSTATUS.