13.1    Combatprinciples Some basic information about combat.
   13.2    Preparation      Preparing for combat.
   13.3    Defending        Defending yourself successfully.

   13.4    Weapons          Learn about the weapons in Lusternia.
      13.4.1  Wielding         Wielding and wearing armour, clothing, and weapons.

   13.5    Armour           Learn about armour in Lusternia.
   13.6    Saferooms        Read about rooms which are safe, by Divine order.

   13.7    Heal             About healing, curing, afflictions, etc.
      13.7.1  Writhe           Writhing free of entanglements.
      13.7.2  Cures            List of some cures, and what they cure.
      13.7.3  Afflictions      List of afflictions, and what cures them.
      13.7.4  Deep Wounds      Differing between normal damage and deep wounds.

   13.8    Denizencombat    Player vs. denizen combat.
   13.9    Egobattles       Non-lethal engagement with denizens.

   13.10   Combattips       Some tips for success in combat.
      13.10.1 Fleeing          Fleeing combat.
      13.11   Combat_rankings  Are you good enough to be #1?

   13.12   Enhancements     Armour and Weapon Enhancements

   13.13   Endzones         Epic level bashing challenges for demigod+.
      13.13.1 Reputation    Grow your standing with the Horizon Walkers.