You will frequently want to deal with items and with mobiles (NPCs) in Lusternia. The most important commands, all covered below, are: INFO HERE, LOOK/EXAMINE, GET, DROP, PROBE, GIVE, PUT, and THROW.

INFO HERE  (IH for short)
This command will show you a list of what items are in the room, along with their numbers. Whenever you interact with an item or a mobile, you can either refer to it by name, such as 'orc', or by number, such as '173', or by a combination of both, such as 'orc173'. Also INFO HERE <thing>.

LOOK <thing> or EXAMINE <thing> will show you a description of whatever thing you name.

GET <howmany> <thing>
GET <howmany> <thing> FROM <container>
This will pick things up from off the ground. You cannot pick up most living things. In order to get an item that is in another item, such as a backpack, you would type GET <howmany> <thing> FROM <container>. If you wish to get one of an item, omit the <howmany>. You cannot pick up more than 50 items at  a time.

DROP <howmany> <thing>
Drop anything you are holding onto the ground. If you wish to only drop one of something, you may omit <howmany>.

PROBE <thing>    (or P <thing> for short)
This command will show you a variety of information about an item or mobile, along with its description and whatever it is holding, if anything.

GIVE <howmany> <thing> TO <whomever>
Give an item or items to someone (player or mobile). To give one item, omit the <howmany>.

PUT <howmany> <thing> IN <container>
This allows you to put items inside another item that is capable of holding items, such as a backpack. To put one item, omit the <howmany>.

THROW <thing>
This is a little more complicated. See: HELP THROWING.