(See also HELP QUIT)

Quitting or being Kicked out of a Guild
Please read everything below before quitting your guild! It is -very- important that you understand the possible consequences. Note that QUITTING AND BEING KICKED OUT OF A GUILD ARE TREATED EXACTLY THE SAME. 

1.   If you are no longer in a guild but still a member of the city or commune associated with a guild, you will maintain access to all your feats that are associated with the nexus of power of your city or commune. IF YOU ARE NO LONGER A MEMBER OF THE CITY OR COMMUNE, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO PERFORM THOSE FEATS TIED TO THE NEXUS. Although it is quite possible to be fully functional without a guild, you will be at a great disadvantage and lose access to many feats if you also quit the city. (And remember, the guild leader sits on the ruling council so make sure leaving the guild is somewhat amicable.) 

2.   QUIT <guildname> will let you quit the guild. You will be asked to confirm that this is what you intend to do. 

Joining a new Guild in the same city or commune
1.   Unless you decide to choose a new class from within your city or commune at the same time, there is no loss or penalty to joining a new guild within your existing city or commune and retaining your previous class skills and knowledge. 2. If you choose a new class, there will be lesson penalties, regardless of what guild you are in or whether you are quitting and joining anew. 

Joining a new Guild in a different city or commune 
1. If you join a new guild in a different city or commune, you will be have to FORGET those skills that are incompatible with the new city or commune. During the process of inguilding, you'll be prompted which skills you will need to FORGET. 

2. You will lose lessons when forgetting skills, so it is important you make your decision on a new city or commune carefully. As a rule of thumb, it is generally less costly to join a guild of the same city or commune rather than a completely new city or commune.