Buffs, vitals (health/mana/ego), resistances, regeneration and similar benefits or maluses are based on a 10 level system. If a skill or ability lists two numbers, it most likely means it is on the 10 level system (ex: 1/5, 2/8, 4/4, etc.).

Calculating Your Level

The first number is the actual level. The second number is the maximum level that particular ability counts towards. For example, 1/4 fire resistance means it is a level 1 fire resistance and will give +1 fire resistance up to level 4. 

If you have a 2/2, 1/1 and 1/2 fire resistance, it will only count as a level 2 fire resistance because none of the resistances count over level 2.

If you have a 1/3, 1/1 and 1/2 fire resistance, it will count as a level 3 fire resistance: 1/1 gives the first level, 1/2 gives the second level (as it can go to a max of 2), and the 1/3 takes you to 3 (as it can go to a max of 3).

Do not worry what order you apply your resistances, it will always be calculated to your maximum benefit. (Maluses are applied after buff totals have been calculated.)

Generally, the maximum level is 10, though certain artifacts can take you up to level 13.

Benefit From Levels

For damage modifiers (both buffs and resistances), each level translates to an increase of 3%.

For speed modifiers (i.e. equilibrium and balance bonuses), each level translates to an increase of 2%.

For regenerative buffs, levels 1-3 give +1%, levels 4-10 give +2%, levels 11-13 give +3%, and levels 14-16 give +1%.

Vitals levels are included as modifiers in the formula that calculates health, mana and ego. This formula is: 300 + (5 * Character Level * (11 + Vitals Level)).

*Note: Adding levels past 100 for Demigods or 101 for Ascendants will not increase your vitals per level, instead the calculation will use 100 or 101 for Character level.

For influence modifiers, each level translates to a 10% boost in ego damage.