The highest two levels of experience confer the transformation of a mortal into a Titan (level 99) and Demigod (level 100).


Titans are mortals whose spirits can barely be contained within their fleshly bodies. Reaching towards divinity, Titans gain several notable powers, including:

      -- Regenerate faster on non-prime planes (1/5).
      -- REFRESH POWER, restore your power to full. Only usable once per
         Lusternian day.


Demigods are mortals who by sheer will and determination have fanned their divine spark into full-fledged divinity. Demigods are not, nor can ever become, full gods, but they gather essence instead of experience, which can be used for several divine powers. Demigods receive the same powers as do Titans, as well as some of their own, which may cost their personal essence to use. These include:

      -- Regeneration on the Prime Material Plane (1/6).
      -- You can ASCEND TO THE HAVENS, where no mortal may pass.
      -- Divine resurrection in the safety of the Divine Havens when
         they die. Upon death, the syntax is PHOENIX to resurrect.
         This power drains considerable essence from the Demigod.
         If the demigod uses Phoenix to trigger the resurrection
         without sufficient essence to afford it he will be stripped
         of divinity and become mortal once again.
      -- If you die, it will cost you 50,000 essence to resurrect in
         your city, 100,000 to resurrect off the Prime Material Plane
         and 250,000 to resurrect on the Prime Material Plane.
      -- Demigods are able to fan aspects of their Divine Spark,
         empowering their own nature and gaining new strengths
         and abilities.
      -- Utilize the POWERS verb to select, remove and adjust your
         strengths. The number of powers you can have active is
         limited by weight: each power has a corresponding weight.
      -- Demigod powers can be either supernumerary (active) or
         ephemeral (inactive). This allows you to buy more powers
         than you have weight for, and then make them active or
         inactive as required. There is a cost of 10% of the initial
         essence for turning an ephemeral power supernumerary.


Ascendants come in two forms, Vernal and Ascendant. Much as Demigods, these enigmatic, trans-mortal entities are able to embolden their sparks and have a greater variety of attributes they may increase.

For more information about them, see also HELP ASCENDANTS.


From time to time a Vernal Ascendant may be cut off from the fullest of their Nexus of Power, their being drained for a portion of the power they were imbibed with. Greatly changed from this, however, they remain a shadow of what they were and, so long as they maintain a link to the nexus that once supported them, they have greater possibilities than any normal Demigod.


Demigods and Ascendants that invest their essence to continue to level up will be able to earn one perk point for every 5 levels they gain. You can gain additional levels with the NewLevel Power. See POWERS INFO NEWLEVEL and PERKS for more information!

Note: Perks are not meant to be changed easily, you can only change them once every 30 months at no cost. Changing the first time during that 30 months will cost 150 million essence and subsequent times during that 30 months will cost 75 million essence.


The true potential might of a Demigod will not be fully made manifest unless that Demigod is in the Order of an Elder God and that God decides to form a bond with the Demigod, in which case the Demigod becomes Their Avatar (sometimes referred to as Their Herald), gaining more powers on behalf of the Divine Order of their Patron God. This is not a bond that an Elder God will lightly undertake, as the essence cost to that God is staggering and represents a deep link between the essence of God and Demigod. Avatars are expected to be walking representations of their Patron God and often act as Their voice. Cults to venerate aspects of Elder Gods have begun to manifest in modern times, led by Avatars who seek to personify Their being. They may also learn to Resurrect members of their faith via access to the demigod power.


In the config_zap messages, please use these dynamic verbs:
Referring to yourself: $=(caster$), $=(he$), $=(his$), $=(him$)
Referring to target: $=(target$), $=(lhe$), $=(lhis$), $=(lhim$)

Note: You may not refer to either yourself or the target in the Area message.

Note: When you begin a sentence with a dynamic verb, use $+ instead of $=

Please limit your zap messages to no greater than 2 lines of text per entry. The zap attack is an electrical-based energy attack, so the custom messages should bear that in mind. Remember also that this is a small surge of energy that originates from you and your fanned spark, and a custom zap description should not attempt to be anything more than that.

The administration reserve the right to refuse a custom zap if they do not judge it to fit Lusternia.