Death in Lusternia is not a permanent thing. Though it does cause you to lose some of your hard-earned experience, it isn't something to overly panic about. There are multiple methods of returning to life.

When you die, you will immediately lose a small percentage of your total experience. Further, your mana will begin to drain away, and when that is gone, more experience will periodically be drained away. So, it behoves you to attempt to return to life as soon as possible. There are multiple methods of returning to life, but the simplest way is to PRAY FOR SALVATION.

The thing to keep in the forefront of your mind when you die is that as long as you know why you died, and as long as you learn something from the death, it was worthwhile. Experience in gaming terms is lost, but it can just be gained back. Knowledge on the other hand, is priceless, and knowledge of your skills and the game is the single most important element to success.

After you have died and prayed for salvation, you will be "walking in the grace of the Gods". Typing STAT will show you this, and typing GRACED will show you everyone who is online who walks in grace. What this condition means is that you can neither perform offensive abilities or be hurt by them. When you have gathered yourself together and are ready to embrace life fully again, type RENOUNCE GRACE. Fear not though, the Gods will not be upset by this. Grace will only last for a period of fifteen minutes whether you reject it or not.

When you have finished praying for salvation, you will find yourself outside the Portal of Fate.