19.1     Timeout                 Ensure that you do not stay online by accident.
19.2     Registering             Why we ask you to register.
19.3     Clients                 About clients and why they are helpful.
   19.3.1   Nexus Client         A client you can use anywhere.
19.4     Credits                 How to purchase credits.
   19.4.1   Credit Transfers     Credit transfers & violations of HELP SECONDS.
   19.4.3   Credit Market        Easily sell/buy credits for gold sovereigns.
   19.4.4   Dingbats             Special currency only available during promos. Jeremiah          Jeremiah Gryphta dingbat items. Gargle            Professor Gargle von Fixit dingbat Items. Pinky             Pinky Puddlegum dingbat items. Gnafia            Mysterious figure gnafia dingbat items. Retired Dingbats  Retired dingbat items. Dingbat Stoles    Divine Order dingbat stoles. Dingbat Dolls     Dingbat dolls - a comprehensive list. Aethersuits       Armoured suits created by ingenious gnomes.
   19.4.5  Elite Memberships     Monthly recurring fees for big discounts.
   19.4.6  Intentionally Omitted N/A
   19.4.7  Aethergoop            A mysterious substance from Aetherspace. Aethergoop Craft  Certain crafting skills using aethergoop
   19.4.8   Retirement           Character retirement
   19.4.9   Iron Coins           One coin per spin and receive a random award!
   19.4.10  Fortune Cookies      Special item only available on the wheel spin. Crowns of Mastery Special artifacts tied to an area. Fortune Mantles   Mantles found in fortune cookies. Fortune Brooches  Brooches found in fortune cookies. Tongue Studs      Tongue studs found in fortune cookies.
19.5     Bugs                    About bugs, typos, and ideas.
   19.5.1   Reporting            The best format for submitting bugs and typos.
   19.5.2   Guilddesign          How to suggest new guilds and skills.
   19.5.3   Helpedit             How to suggest changes to helpfiles.
19.6     Website                 About Lusternia's web site.
   19.6.1   Maps                 Some maps of Lusternia on the web site.
19.7     Lag                     Nobody's friend.
19.8     Character Deletion      Deleting your character, permanently.
19.9     System                  The hardware and software that Lusternia uses.
19.10     Artifacts              Special magic items which may be purchased.
   19.10.1   Weaponry Artifacts  Artifacts for weapons.
   19.10.2   Combat Artifacts    Other artifacts for combat.
   19.10.3   Trade Artifacts     Artifacts for trade purposes.
   19.10.4   Utility Artifacts   Useful artifacts.
   19.10.5   Misc. Artifacts     Miscellaneous artifacts
   19.10.6   Limited Artifacts   Limited edition artifacts.
   19.10.7   Pets                Living Artifacts.
   19.10.8   Manse Dwellers      Living Artifacts in manses and ships.
   19.10.9   Artifact Tradeins   How to trade in an artifact
   19.10.10  Artifact Transfers  It is not possible to transfer artifacts.
   19.10.11  ur'Trap Artifacts   Trap monsters and get cookies!
   19.10.12  Gnewpie Dolls       Special limited-availability dolls.
   19.10.13  Mob Reactions       Your beasts and dwellers react to the world.
   19.10.14  Artifact Whips      Damage whips available from Korue.
   19.10.15  Solstice Artifacts  How to use coal and peppermint artifacts.
   19.10.16  Spring Candies      Details on the limited spring candies.
   19.10.17  Resolutions         New year, new you - with added bonuses!
   19.10.18  Ascension Discs     Limited-availability discs for ascension.
   19.10.19  Artifact Shop       Buy artifacts or skin them from anywhere!
   19.10.20  Gnome Weapons       Fun weapons invented by the Gnomes!
19.11    Admins                  Administrative characters there to help you.
19.12    Test server             For those rare times we use one.
19.13    Forgotten Vaults        Trader Bob's trove of artifacts.
19.15    Social Media            Iron Realms and Lusternia on social media.
   19.15.1   Facebook            Find Iron Realms on Facebook.
   19.15.3   Discord             Chat with us on Discord!
19.16    Login Notes             Leave notes and reminders for yourself.
19.17    The ECHO command        Free-form text display.
19.18    Admin Requests          Admin Request system using REQUESTADMIN
19.20    Gamewide Envoysystem    A way for players to push for changes
   19.20.1     Writing Reports   Advice for writing reports.
19.21    Daily Credits           Individuals can earn credits every day
19.22    Yearly Credits          Cities & Communes can earn yearly credits
19.23    Contact                 E-mail contact with the Admin Team.
19.24    Cognition               Expand your pet reactions!
   19.24.1   AI Ethics           A note from our CEO.
   19.24.2   FAQ                 Answers to common Cognition questions.
   19.24.3   Rules               Some brief rules regarding Cognition.
   19.24.4   Personality         Setup the personality in Cognition.
   19.24.5   Kpages              Knowledge pages for Cognition.