Magnagora was the only city to survive the Taint Wars, itself twisted by the 
Taint. The mutated and undead flocked there, claiming it as their own, 
interbreeding and giving birth to the viscanti race. Innately distrustful of 
the other races, they are especially vocal against the merians and elfen who 
wish to cleanse the Taint. These races are greeted as inferiors, and do not 
receive the same benefits of the other citizens.

Embracing their heritage, the city quickly became a force to reckon with, 
pulling their power from the Tainted plane of Earth and the transformed
plane of Nil, now home to the Demon Lords. Bent on conquest and domination,
they quickly adapted to the prejudices of the peoples of the Basin, learning
that brute force was not always the answer and instead finding more subtle
manipulations were just as effective. They are now a major player in the game
of power, poised to fundamentally change the landscape of the Basin of Life.