Each city and commune has their own separate collegium, a school wherein one learns the important aspects of that organization. The following collegiums exist: 
       Celest:     The Empyreal Academy
       Magnagora:  The College of Necromantic & Tainted Research
       Serenwilde: The Ancestral Glade of the Moonharts
       Glomdoring: The Shadowmaze
       Hallifax:   The University of Cosmic Understanding
       Gaudiguch:  The Order of the Secret Flame

You are enrolled directly into a collegium as soon as you enter a new city or commune. You will remain in the collegium, as a student, for 20 hours of time online. Completion of the collegium quests will advance your time as a student. The Ministry of Education and his or her aides can also advance your time. Upon graduation, you will be an Alumni until you have reached a total of 50 hours played, so the Education Minister and aides can still easily assist you with tasks or questions. 

Typing COLLEGE STATUS will show the status of your time and which quests you still need to complete.

The collegiums are run by the Ministers of Education of the city or commune as Professors. They also appoint aides as teachers whose responsibility includes overseeing the students. Any professor or teacher can use COLLEGE SHOW <student> to see a student's status. Only the Minister of Education may edit the collegium help files. Both Minister and aides can advance students in their collegium through the COLLEGE ADVANCE command. They cannot advance students who are not in their collegium or who have graduated already. 

While anyone may speak and hear the Collegium chat channel, only the teachers and professors may access the teacher chat channel. 

    COLLEGE - Your Collegium status
    COLLEGE STATUS - Your Collegium status and how long until you graduate.
    CGWHO - Collegium Who
    CGT - Collegium Chat Channel
    CGHELP - Collegium help files
    CGHELP INDEX - An index of help files

    CGTS - The Teacher Chat Channel
    COLLEGE SHOW <student> - See information on a student
    WRITELOG <college> <message> - Write to the Collegium's logs