17.16.1 RESEARCH

Each guild has access to a special research project that enables access to certain abilities for their entire city or commune. In order to gain this access, you must first select a type of research you want to focus on. You can choose to focus on Nature, Harmony, Knowledge or Death. Guild leaders that have the 'research' privilege are capable of setting, advancing and ending the type of research. 

        RESEARCH START <type> - will start researching on a certain path.
        RESEARCH END          - will end the current research and reset the level (takes one month to complete).
        RESEARCH ADVANCE      - will take the required anomalies, commodities and gold and advance your research level.
        RESEARCH STATUS       - An overview of the Project.

Once a type is chosen, the next step is to supply the Project with gold, anomalies, and commodities. The type of research determines the type of commodities and anomalies needed. All these items can be placed within the Project.

        Nature:    Past Anomalies
                   Gold, Marble, and Silk commodities

        Harmony:   Immaculate Anomalies
                   Silver, Wood, and Egg commodities

        Knowledge: Future Anomalies
                   Platinum, Leather and Gem commodities

        Death:     Desolate Anomalies
                   Iron, Coal and Meat commodities

There are five levels available. Each level has different costs.

        Level 1:    2 Anomalies
                    1000 Commodities
                    100000 Gold

        Level 2:    50 Anomalies
                    2500 Commodities
                    250000 Gold

        Level 3:    100 Anomalies
                    5000 Commodities
                    500000 Gold

        Level 4:    150 Anomalies
                    7500 Commodities
                    750000 Gold

        Level 5:    200 Anomalies
                    10000 Commodities
                    1000000 Gold

In addition, each Project requires upkeep at the start of each year.

        Upkeep Costs:   2 Anomaly
                        1000 Commodities
                        10000 Gold

Once you reach a level, the associated power will become available to all members of the city or commune. 

        RESEARCH LIST            - will list all the available powers.
        RESEARCH INFO <power>    - Gives specific information on the power.

Some powers are inherent and will automatically work, others require activation and may cost archpower.