Out of the ashes of the fallen Holy Celestine Empire, which saw the destruction of the imperial capital on the Isle of Celest, survivors fled as far from the Tainted area as possible, relocating to the western side of the Inner Sea. There, the Celestines and Aquamancers consecrated a new Pool of Stars, once again establishing a connection to the Light, and thus arose New Celest to challenge the darkness. Paladins were re-established as the Holy Warriors of the Light, charged with protecting the fledgling city. However, the peoples of the Basin of Life did not flock to New Celest as they did to Celestine Empire of old. Wrongly or rightly, they blamed the Empire for the Taint and the name of 'Celest' still held bitter memories. Nevertheless, New Celest struggled and survived, yearning for the days of old and hoping to see the return of the Empire's former glory when all the Basin of Life was united under the Light.

The nexus of power in New Celest is the Pool of Stars, located in the center of the city's hub. It simultaneously exists on the elemental plane of water and the cosmic plane of Celestia.