6.14 GRACE

If you have had to resort to praying to the Fates in order to regain your life, then you will be given what is called Grace. Those who walk in grace will find themselves unable to either harm or be harmed by most things. There are some of the more aggressive mobiles in the world that can harm you through divine grace. In order to rid yourself of this protection, you must type RENOUNCE GRACE. Though Grace is a gift from the Gods, they will not bear you a grudge for renouncing this grace. Typing GRACED will show you a list of those online who walk in Grace.

Grace expires within a fairly short time after receiving it (15 minutes), whether you RENOUNCE GRACE or not. 

There is a special kind Grace granted to those who just passed through the Portal of Fate called the Grace of Innocence. This will last until they reject it or they reach level 30. See HELP INNOCENCE.