The level of sanity can be seen upon STATUS or SHOW INSANITY and reflects the stability of one's mind. The more insane someone is, the more prone that person is to performing erratic actions. Also, the more insane one is, the harder it is to heal mental afflictions. Advanced stages of insanity will cause mental ailments to spontaneously occur.

The most common way to lose one's sanity is to remain upon the astral plane. The longer one remains, the more insane one becomes.

The only known method to recover one's sanity is to recuperate upon any plane that is not the astral plane. Because of the affinity cosmic guardians have with the cosmic and astral planes, they will recover their sanity slightly faster when they recuperate upon the plane they are attuned to (i.e., Celestines upon Celestia and Nihilists upon Nil).

Levels of Insanity:
completely sane
slightly neurotic
highly neurotic
stark raving mad