Inevitably, there will be times when you'll want to speak to the Creators (the administration), in order to report a bug (an error in the game), a typo, to ask a specific question, or to give them an idea for the game. Each of these has an associated in-game command.

You can see all of your active bugs with LISTBUGS. To see a full list of commands relating to your active bugs, including ways to add more detail and delete bugs, simply type BUG with nothing after it.

Filing Bugs

If you have spotted an error in the game - for example an ability that is not functioning as intended, or a part of a quest that is broken - then you may report it using the BUG command. Depending on the type of BUG you have found, there are various different commands available.

HELPBUG allows you to submit a bug related to the help files.
   - You can also submit changes yourself - see HELP HELPEDIT.
OHBUG/OVERHAULBUG allows you to submit a bug related to the Overhaul.
QUESTBUG allows you to submit bugs found in quests.
ABBUG allows you to submit bugs found in the ABHELP (skill) files.
BUG allows you to submit a bug that does not fall into any of the above categories. If you are not sure whether your bug is any of the above, use this one.
BUGAPPEND allows you to append more information to a bug which you created.
BUGPRIORITY allows you to mark a bug for the admin, requesting higher attention to it.

For all these commands, please give us as much detail as possible. Simply saying "Ladantine's quest is broken!" will not enable the Creators to track down the source of your bug. Include when it happened, and how; what you were doing, or trying to do; what happened before the bug occurred; if anything has changed recently. The more detail you give, the better chance of your bug being found and fixed - and the less work it takes to do so.

Filing Typos

If you have found a typo - a spelling or grammar error in anything within the game - you may use the TYPO command. If the error is in a particular location, e.g. a room description or a denizen tethered to a particular room, you may use the TYPOHERE command which will additionally send your location to the Creators.

Don't be shy about reporting typos, no matter how inconsequential they may seem! Please be clear about where you saw the typo, and if relevant what you were doing to cause it - for example rather than simply saying "There is a typo when casting blast", explain whether the typo is in the first, second or third person messages and include the offending line. All of this will enable the Creators to track down your typo and fix it as fast as possible.

Asking Questions (Filing Issues)

If you cannot find another mortal who can answer your question, and it is not an appropriate question for your guild, city or order patron, you can ISSUE ME. For example, if you wished to inquire as to exactly how an artifact works before purchasing it, you could ISSUE ME for the answer.

More details on issues are included in HELP ISSUES.

Submitting Ideas

Spotted something that you think would be a good addition to the game? Use the IDEA command. Submit your idea in as detailed a manner as you wish, and then wait. Who knows...you may see your idea affect the game!

Still Confused?

That's okay! Have a look at HELP HOWTOREPORT, which goes over this in more detail.