19.10.20 Gnomeweapons

The gnomes have invented and released a series of artifacts called gnome weapons. These mechanized weapons can only be used against denizens, and have a base cost of 5000 aethergoop. However, you can also attach gearboxes (1500 aethergoop each) to the weapons to upgrade them. Every gearbox comes in its own damage type, and will split the attack into smaller multiple attacks, so one gearbox will fire two attacks against the denizens, two gearboxes will fire three attacks against the denizen, up to a maximum of 9 gearboxes. Note that the damage of the attacks becomes lesser and lesser, the more times it is split; however, each attack has a chance of being a critical hit. See ASHOP LIST KEYWORD GNOMEWEAPON.

ACTIVATE <weapon> <mob> to use them
ATTACH <gearbox> to <weapon> to attach a gearbox

Current Gnome Weapons include:
o Mechanical Parasol
o Mechanical Cane
o Mechanical Cat
o Mechanical Dog
o Mechanical Spider
o Mechanical Lace Gloves
o Mechanical Fountain Pen
o Mechanical Clock
o Mechanical Tophat
o Mechanical Apron
o Mechanical Goggles
o Mechanical Perfume Dispenser

The type of item and the messages it produces may also be customized. See HELP CUSTOMIZATION.