Completing specific tasks in-game will earn your character up to 20 BOUND credits per day. The number of earned credits will slowly decrease as you complete tasks. Once per day you will earn a 5 credit reward, 4 credit reward, 3 credit reward, and so on until you've earned 20 credits. 

Rewards will reset every day at midnight GMT. 

Use the command DAILYCREDITS for a summary of how many you have earned and from what sources for the day.

Your character will earn these credits by completing the following tasks:

- Defeating mobiles in combat.
- Defeating mobiles in ego battles (i.e., influencing).

- Participating in an aetherhunt.

- Completing some specific in-game quests with a difficulty rating of 3+. The higher the rating, the greater the reward. See QUESTS ALL for all ratings.

- Completing commodity quests.

- Completing power quests.

- Completing Scholar, bard and/or pilgrim quests.

- Helping defeat an avatar mob.

- Participating in timequakes.

- Participating in village revolts.

- Participating in Aether Flares.

- Participating in Wild Nodes.

- Participating in Domoth claims and battles.