Below are the rules for the annual Ascension games:

 + True Ascendants and Sealbearers cannot place or even fully participate in any Challenges except the Challenge of War (see rules for that below). They cannot join events or do things which could result in earning a score (cannot pick up hamsters, cannot answer questions, cannot give cures to furrikin). They can provide assistance in other ways however - by finding things that need to be found, eliminating competitors, etc. If you're not certain, ask for a clarification from Avechna.

 + The Challenge is a hamsterhunt with a twist.
 + This is an open PK event.
 + The challenge lasts 60 minutes.
 + You cannot share hamsters in this event.
 + Holding the Chaos Hamster bestows insanity upon the holder.
 + Holding the Chaos Hamster bestows drunkenness upon the holder.
 + The Chaos Hamster will randomly teleport its holder.
 + Glamours Maze cannot be used on the individual holding the Chaos Hamster.
 + Any major movements by the person holding the Chaos Hamster will cause it
     to disappear (eg teleport).
 + If you drop the Chaos Hamster or try to give it to another person, it will
     disappear to another place.
 + If you have grace while holding the Chaos Hamster, it will disappear to
     another place.
 + Being at any elevation other than in the ground or the trees will cause the
     Chaos Hamster to disappear.
 + Holding the Chaos Hamster will prevent most forms of elevation change.
 + Holding any hamsters other than the Chaos Hamster will cause it to abandon
     you in a fit of jealousy.
 + Standing in a room that is not on the Prime Material Plane, or is affiliated
     with a City/Commune, or is a newbie area, or is indoors, will cause the
     Chaos Hamster to disappear to another place.
 + If the Chaos Hamster is given to a denizen, it will disappear to another
 + All statues not in organization territory will be deactivated for Chaos.
 + The Chaos Hamster cannot be given to dirigibles or other delivery items.
 + Any ability that takes you out-of-phase with normal reality will cause the
   Hamster to disappear (dreamform, suspended animation, illusory statue/nature, 
   ghost, etc).

 + This Challenge is a series of war games.
 + The Challenge uses double-elimination.
 + Each team can have up to three members.
 + Once teams are within the arena, they may not receive any help whatsoever
     from persons outside of the arena.
 + Teams may not assist one another.
 + Seal-bearers and True Ascendants can be members of teams.
 + Each team must have at least one person eligible to win a Seal.
 + Any obvious bugs that occur during a match will result in a rematch.

 + This Challenge is a debating tournament.
 + The tournament uses double-elimination.
 + The tournament has rules for what is and isn't allowed.

 + Abilities from the Influence and Dramatics skillsets.
 + General healing (bromides, sparkleberry, etc).
 + Tradeskill items (including enchantment, tinkering, etc).
 + Any preparatory or permanent buffs (karma blessings, racial benefits, etc)
     acquired before your debate.
 + Passive ego regeneration and max ego increases from skills using the buff
     system (i.e. shows on BODYSCAN)
 + Discerning in the Discernment.
 + EQ buffs within the buff system.

 + Any activated abilities not listed above (roulade, laetitia, etc).
 + Passive ego regeneration and max ego increases outside the buff
     system from sources not listed above (i.e. does not show on BODYSCAN)
 + Any action or skill that fully refreshes you (refresh, trueheal, etc).
 + Shrine abilities.
 + Beasts.
 + Abilities that could cause the person to be unable to debate, e.g. through triggering masochism. This includes the use of Tinkering music boxes.
 + Wondermasks
 + Wondercensers
 + Resolutions
 + EQ buffs outside the buff system.

 + This Challenge is a treasure hunt.
 + There is a fixed number of clues requiring you to find the right places.
 + Only locations on the Prime Plane are part of the Challenge.
 + Everyone receives the same clues but in a randomly generated order.
 + The final clue will always lead you to the Seal of Nature.
 + There is a limited reroll ability on the current clue.
 + You will be able to claim the item until the next weave.
 + You will be able to complete the hunt until the end of that Ascension.

 + The Challenge is a Quiz.
 + Spelling matters.
 + The number of questions will be announced at the start.
 + Ties for first place will be broken with extra questions.

 + Only one submission per cartel.
 + Only one submission per character.
 + A theme will be announced for the contest.
 + For additional details see HELP BEAUTY.

 + This Challenge is a race to cure as many furrikin as possible.
 + The Challenge lasts 60 minutes.
 + This is not an open PK event.
 + Procedure for diagnosing and curing has been outlined below. 
 + You should prepare ahead of time, refilling and restocking your curatives.
 + Artifact vials linked to multiple cures are permitted and function as two individual vials would.
 + Curatives, afflictions, and symptoms may be adjusted for each iteration of the Challenge.
 + The furrikin are under Avechna's protection and cannot be slain.
 + The furrikin will not die from receiving a wrong cure.
 + If you give the furrikin a wrong cure, it will not want your help again.
 + The person who gives the furrikin the last cure is the healer in their eyes.

Diagnose and Cure:
 + Afflicted furrikin will show up in the Basin of Life.
 + GREET the furrikin to learn of their symptoms.
 + The symptoms reflect known afflictions and require their known cures.
 + Diagnose the furrikin's affliction based on the symptoms.
 + GIVE the furrikin the right curative to cure their affliction.
 + The furrikin will return the cure once used unless it's an edible.
 + Each furrikin has three afflictions you need to cure.

 + The Challenge is to defeat the denizens of Lusternia in combat.
 + The challenge lasts 60 minutes.
 + Every denizen is worth points equivalent to their toughness.
 + You can evaluate point worth via CONSIDER.
 + Only entities on PRIME PLANE count for this challenge.
 + This event is Open-PK, which means that even if you do not join the event, you can still be killed without Avenger protection as you would normally have. Taking advantage of this Open-PK state to kill players not involved in the Death Challenge is not allowed and will be punished harshly. Please ISSUE any offending players that use this status to attack you if you are not participating in the event.

 + The Challenge is to influence the denizens of Lusternia.
 + The Challenge lasts 60 minutes.
 + This is not an open PK event.
 + Every denizen is worth points equivalent to their toughness.
 + You can evaluate point worth via CONSIDER.
 + Only entities on PRIME PLANE count for this challenge.
 + You will not be able to slay denizens during the Challenge's duration.