17.3.1 QUIZZES

A Quiz is a formal event that involves a Grand Inquisitor asking questions of all those present, and awarding points to those who answer correctly. When a quiz is initiated, all in the land will receive a message, and typing JOIN QUIZ will take you to the Inquisition Chamber, where quizzes take place.

Once there, the Grand Inquisitor will add you to the quiz. Typing QUIZSTATUS will show you the other quiz participants and how many points each participant has.

Before asking a question, the Inquisitor will set a point value for that question. If you get the answer correct, this is how many points you will receive. Once the Inquisitor asks the question, he will generally set a timer going. When the timer runs out, no more answers may be given. In order to answer, type AN <your answer>. If you forget what the question was, typing WHATQ will show you.

When the timer has run out, the Inquisitor will look at the answers and determine who is right and who is wrong, awarding the appropriate amount of points to those who are correct. Once the timer is up, you may type ANSWERS to see what others have answered.

JOIN QUIZ              : Sends you to the Inquisition Chamber.
AN/ANSWER <answer>     : Gives an answer to a question.
WHATQ/WHATQUESTION     : See what the current question is.
ANSWERS                : See a list of the answers that people have given.
QUIZSTATUS             : See a list of competitors and their scores.