III. QUEUES

The Klangratch Tournies, named after the Vernal God Klangratch, the Axe of War, is a place where the mortals of Lusternia may fight without the normal losses associated with combat. While battling in the Arena, no experience will be lost from death, and salves, elixirs and other cures will not be used up.

In more recent times each city has managed to purchase its own arena.

Avechna's Peak      :  The Klangratch Tournies
City of Magnagora   :  The Midnight Coliseum
City of New Celest  :  The Pearl of the Amberle
Glomdoring Commune  :  The Shadowvale Arena
Serenwilde Commune  :  The Glade of Champions
City of Hallifax    :  The Skylark Commemorative Demiplane
City of Gaudiguch   :  Pyrodome of the Kaleidoscopic Trials

Private, individual use of the arena is often called sparring. To use the arena for spars, journey to one of the arena's staging grounds. Once there, you may CHALLENGE <player>. The player you challenge must also be in that room. In order to use the Arena, each of you will have to have gold in your inventory. This is the fee that the city charges for the privilege of using its arena. (See also HELP SPARWHO)

The arena is also used for a number of group events, such as Freezetag, Slippers, and Free-for-all. During any of these events, ES, or EVENTSTATUS will give you some information about the event. Additionally, if you go to the spectator stands in the Arena, you may DIAGNOSE (or just DIAG) any player currently participating in order to see what afflictions he or she has. (See HELP FREEZETAG, HELP SLIPPERS, HELP FREEFORALL, and HELP WARGAMES)

Group events may be joined using JOIN <game> <arena>, e.g. JOIN FREEFORALL GLADE. Some of the events have additional modifiers for joining, such as team preferences in Wargames.

Players level 9 and under are never able to participate in any arena group events. Starting at level 10 (or higher, if set for the individual event) players may participate in any arena group event.

Arena death does not cost experience, though it may affect combat ranking.

Attacks that cause hunger do not work in the arena.

You will leave the arena with the same levels of endurance and willpower as you entered it.

The arena is a device to spar outside of normal reality thus anything that happens within the arena should not be carried to the rest of Lusternia.

CHALLENGE <player>       : Challenge a player to a duel
ES/EVENTSTATUS <arena>   : Get some information on whatever event (if any) is
                           currently taking place in the Arena, including
                           a list of participants.
ES/EVENTSTATUS QUEUE     : See the current status of the queues to start
                           automated arena events.


In the absence of someone able to control an arena, Lusternians may join queues for their favorite games in arenas that are set up to handle them. When enough players have joined a queue, the game will automatically begin in five minutes time, giving interested players enough time to join.

   JOIN QUEUE FOR <game> [IN <arena>] to join a queue.
   LEAVE QUEUE FOR <game> [IN <arena>] to leave a queue.
   QUEUES or ES QUEUES to see the current queues which you can join.

Note that if an arena is not specified, it will default to the Klangratch Tournies.

Cities and Communes, and only those, may purchase, own, and operate arenas. Contact your city patron for more details.