In the month of Klangiary, 232 years after the coming of Estarra, the Dwarves of Rockholm and Southgard celebrated the ancient dwarven festival of Klangfest. Not to be outdone, the Gnomes announced that it was also the date of their Scrapgiving celebration, a holiday which commemorates the murky bowels of early gnomish history. At the conclusion of festivities, the gnomes' envoy, Sparky Tooter, Keeper of the Tinatorune Secrets imparted the gnomish science of Tinkering to Llandros of the Cacophony for penning the jingle "Gnomish Grand Idea".

Tinkering involves the enchantment of horns, boxes, glasses and other similar items for various useful gnomish purposes. Tinkering is a specialism of enchantment, but it can only be learned by Bards well-versed in High Magic.