17.1     Arena            The Arenas throughout the realms
      17.1.1   Freeforall       There can be only one.
      17.1.2   FreezeTag        A game of tag played in the Arena.
      17.1.3   Slippers         Don't get caught with the slippers!
      17.1.4   Wargames         Team battle within the Arena.
      17.1.5   Battlechess      The deadliest game of chess!
      17.1.6   Battlerun        An ongoing battle!
   17.2     Worldwide Games  Games Played Across the Realms
      17.2.1   Hamsterhunt      A rare event involving a hunt for hamsters.
      17.2.2   Wild Nodes       A capture the node game, played on Astral.

   17.3     Other Games      There's plenty more where those came from!
      17.3.1   Quiz             A fun OOC event, generally with prizes. Inquisitor       The quiz's master of ceremonies.
      17.3.2   VengeanceGame    A classic game of deception. VengeanceSetup   Commands for owners of private Vengeance games.
      17.3.3   Treasure Hunt    Solving clues to find the hunt's objectives.

   17.4     Gambling         The various forms of gambling in Lusternia.
      17.4.3   Roulette         Make a fortune! Lose a fortune!
      17.4.4   Lotteries        Buy lots of tickets. It's your turn to win!
      17.4.5   Blackjack        All the cool people are playing it.
      17.4.6   Craps            Gambling with dice!
      17.4.7   Slot Machine     The ultimate game of chance!
      17.4.8   Tessera          Connect 4 in a row to win.
      17.4.9   Darts            Play the traditional pub game.

   17.5     Chess            The noble game of King's Chess.
      17.5.1   Chessrules       The rules of King's Chess.

   17.6     Sparon/Sparwho   Finding sparring partners.
   17.7     Miniatures       Battles between miniature figurines.
   17.8     Bombard          The aethership boardgame of Bombard!

   17.9     Theater          Watch or perform in plays!
      17.9.1   Stage Managers   Stage managers
      17.9.2   Setting Up       Directors: setting up productions
      17.9.3   Productions      Directors: running productions
      17.9.4   Actors/Crew      Actors and crew
      17.9.5   Audience         The audience

   17.10    Spin The Bottle  Get yourself one of those fancy bottles and find
                             a few friends who want to play!
   17.11    Deck of Fate     A two player card game.
   17.12    Auctions         Bid for items against others.
   17.13    Ghodak           A game of strategy.
   17.14    Psychodrama      An action-packed competitive trading game.
   17.15    Racetrack        Bet on the races in the Wakabidrome!

   17.16    Timequakes       The rifts in time.
      17.16.1   Research        Using time anomalies for research.
      17.16.2   Archpower       Using time anomalies for yourself.

   17.17    Ascension        The Nine Challenges and the Final Ascension.
      17.17.1   Ascension Rules    Rules for the Trial of Ascension events.
      17.17.2   Beauty Challenge   Details of the Challenge of Beauty.

   17.18    Great Hunt      A challenge for all the hunters and influencers.