Roulette is one of the simpler forms of gambling, but many find it enjoyable
and addictive nonetheless.

The game itself consists of one device, called a roulette wheel. It's a
horizontal wheel, with the top divided into 38 sections. Imagine 38 spokes
placed evenly around the wheel, meeting at the centre. The area between each
spoke is coloured and numbered. 1-36 are either black, if odd, or red, if
even. The final two sections are numbered 0 and 00, and are coloured green.

Playing roulette is easy. Your only decisions are what to bet, how much to
bet, and what to bet on. From there, it's all done by the roulette attendant.

You may bet gold in whatever amount you like. Once you've decided
how much to bet, you must decide what to bet on. Your choices, and what each 
pays, is as follows:

Red/even                                  : 1-1
Black/odd                                 : 1-1

t1 (stands for third 1. Means 1-12)       : 2-1
t2 (stands for third 2. Means 13-24)      : 2-1
t3 (stands for third 3. Means 25-36)      : 2-1

q1 (stands for quarter 1. Means 1-9)      : 3-1
q2 (stands for quarter 2. Means 10-18)    : 3-1
q3 (stands for quarter 3. Means 19-27)    : 3-1
q4 (stands for quarter 4. Means 28-36)    : 3-1

Green (0 or 00)                           : 17-1
Individual number, 0-36, or 00            : 35-1

The syntax to bet is:
BET <however many> GOLD ON <something from the list above>

There will then be a short delay while the gambling attendant waits to see if
anyone else will be betting. He'll spin the wheel, upon which a silver ball
rests, and when the wheel stops, the ball will end up in one of the sections.
If it is in one of the sections that you bet on, you win!