Bombard! is a game of aethership strategy, where opposing players place their
ships on the board and then attempt to blow each other to smithereens! The
game is won when one player has completely destroyed the ships of their

In order to play Bombard! you must have a Bombard! board, or be in an
establishment that has them available, such as the occasional tavern,
aethermanse, or gaming parlor.

The commands to play Bombard! are:

BOMBARD INITIATE WITH <player> <set>    This will initiate a game of
                                        Bombard! with another player, using
                                        the set pieces of your choice. You
                                        may have up to four games activate.

BOMBARD DISPLAY [<game>] [OPPONENT|ME]  Display the entire board, or only
BOMBARD LOOK [<game>] [OPPONENT|ME]     a part of it. Note that you will
                                        only be able to see your own ships.

BOMBARD PLACE <piece> <coordinate> [UP|DOWN|LEFT|RIGHT]   After a game has
                                        been initiated, each player must
                                        place all of their ships on the
                                        Bombard! board. Look at the SETLIST
                                        to see which pieces you need to

BOMBARD START                           After all pieces are placed, begin
                                        the game!

BOMBARD HIT <coordinates>               When it is your turn, attack the
                                        given coordinates. A "O" represents
                                        a miss, and a "*" a hit.

BOMBARD LIST [HERE]                     List all your active games, or
                                        optionally list all the games on
                                        the Bombard! board here. Great for
                                        keeping an eye on how your scurrilous
                                        companions are doing.

BOMBARD SETLIST [set]                   View the available Bombard! sets.

BOMBARD SWITCH <game>                   Switch between your active games.

BOMBARD CANCEL <game>                   Cancel an active game.