In order to participate in a Lusternian lottery, type LOTTERIES to see what
lotteries you can enter. 

If there is one available, you can LOTTERY INFO <lottery #> to get more 
information, including the prizes, the ways to buy and the ticket costs.

Tickets must be bought at one of the lottery offices in your local city or commune.

The syntax for buying tickets is BUY TICKET IN <lottery #>. To buy more than
one ticket, you can do BUY <amount> TICKETS IN <lottery #>. You want to buy 
tickets for someone else? Just do BUY TICKET IN <lottery #> FOR <person>.

During certain circumstances such as an event you may find yourself in possession of an Iron Ticket, which can be exchanged for a lottery ticket, the syntax to do this is LOTTERY EXCHANGE IRON TICKET [IN #].


LOTTERIES    : List all lotteries you can participate in.

BUY TICKET IN <lottery#> : Buys a ticket in the specified lottery number for
                           yourself. If you want to buy a ticket for a friend,
                           append FOR <friend's name>. Your friend will be
                           notified of your generosity. Some lotteries may
                           be restricted to let you buy tickets for yourself

BUY <amount> TICKETS IN <lottery#> : Buy more than one ticket. Please note,
                                     some lotteries may have a maximum amount
                                     of tickets per person.

LOTTERY INFO <lottery #> : Get information on a lottery. This will also show
                           your ticket numbers.

LOTTERY CLAIM <ticket #> : Use this to claim gold prizes only. Obviously you 
                           will have to have the winning ticket.